Discovery Channel airs ‘Ted Nugent’s Gun Country’


Last night, the Discovery Channel aired a special on the gun culture in America. They spent some time with Republican political activist and gun enthusiast Ted Nugent.

The special seemed comical to say the least, and really didn’t  take “an inside look at American gun culture” as it was supposed to. It really just gave an inside look at Ted Nugent’s gun culture.

The average outdoors men isn’t out shooting a .50 caliber Machine Gun at 4 inch thick steel doors:

The average hunter out there also isn’t firing a chainsaw shot gun…

Or hanging out with people preparing for the Zombie apocalypse…

On top of all this as Media Matters points out, Ted Nugent spent yesterday promoting his show and trashing the President.  In promotional radio appearances for the Discovery Channel special, Nugent called President Obama “anti-American” and said the show was means of helping him win the “culture war.” 

Discovery Channel airs 'Ted Nugent's Gun Country'