Did Gingrich Blow It? Watch Ed Live at 11pm (ET)


In his first Republican presidential primary debate since surging to frontrunner status in the polls, Newt Gingrich may have stepped in.  The former House Speaker tonight said he favors amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

“I don’t believe that the party that says its’ the party of the family is going to say it’s going to destroy families that have been here for more than a quarter of a century,” he said. “I’m prepared to take the heat in saying: Let’s be humane in enforcing the law.”

That may get him in a whole lot of trouble with conservatives. 

Tonight at 11pm, Ed checks in with Jim Moore, co-Author of “Bush’s Brain” and Huffington Post Contributor, Krystal Ball, Democratic strategist and former candidate for U.S. Congress, Joe Madison, Sirius XM Radio host and Lawrence Korb, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress and the Former Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan.