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With Ohio, Obama wins reelection

With NBC projecting President Barack Obama the winner of Ohio, he crosses the 270 electoral vote threshold to win re-election to the presidency of the United States.

BREAKING: Obama wins a historic second term


President Barack Obama won a historic second term on Tuesday, defying predictions that a sluggish economy and an energized Republican party might overwhelm the supporters who propelled him to the presidency four years ago.

The president’s reelection ensures that his first term achievements – especially health care reform – will become woven into the American economy and social safety net over the next four years.

His victory came at an unexpectedly early hour, as Mitt Romney lost a series of states he had hoped to peel away from the president.

From Michigan, where Romney was born, to New Hampshire, where the Republican nominee owns a vacation home, the Obama campaign scored decisive victories. Wisconsin, the home state of the GOP’s vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan, was out of Republican reach well before midnight.

Romney had hoped to steal away the Democratic-leaning battleground of Pennsylvania, making an unusual election day campaign stop in Pittsburgh. But the keystone state was another early call for President Obama.

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BREAKING: Obama wins a historic second term