Bill Clinton on Barack Obama: ‘Our relationship is good’


Former President Bill Clinton will speak tonight at the Democratic National Convention in support of President Barack Obama.

But what does he think of Obama personally? 

Clinton was asked about his relationship with the current president today during an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams.  Bromance or transaction? 

“It’s quite good, actually,” Clinton said of their relationship. “It’s candid, it’s open. We haven’t been close friends a long time or anything like that, but he knows that I support him.”

Clinton also seemed to appreciate the way Obama has interacted with his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“I’m very grateful also just as a person for the way he and Hillary have interacted,” Clinton said. “He’s treated her with enormous respect, he’s respected her opinion.  He’s run a national security operation that’s been really good for this country, I think. So I think, you know, I would say our relationship is good.”

Clinton continued: ”It is, from my point of view, not a transaction or a bromance or any of that sort of stuff. There’s a few people who have been presidents.  He’s the first Democrat to serve since I left office. He’s had a very tough hand to play.  I think he’s made a good job of a bad situation. People don’t feel it yet, but they’re going to benefit from it if they stay with him. And I believe that.”

“So I think a lot of the story back-news things, it’s just talk. I like him, I have a lot of respect for him, and I talk to him when I need to. But mostly, I wait until he talks– wants to talk to me, because I believe I should respect the fact that you have one president at a time and he’s got a lot more things to do than chew the fat with me.”