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On The Docket, one of MSNBC's online-only shows, former prosecutor and defense attorney Seema Iyer lays down the potential legal cases that stem from every major news story.  The Docket tackles cases from the biggest news headlines to more obscure legal debates. Catch up on past episodes here.

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E.g., 8/10/2020
N.Korea human rights: starvation, torture

UN hasn’t recommended North Korea to ICC, why?

01/25/16 01:35PM

Columbia University’s Charles Armstrong lists harsh human rights violations in North Korea including freedom of expression & assembly under leader Kim Jong Un. Why hasn’t the International Criminal Court been advocated for? watch

NYC Marathon lottery fee: Is it prohibited?

NYC Marathon lottery fee: Is it prohibited?

01/25/16 01:05PM

Two men are suing the New York City Marathon over the lottery system used to pick runners. Their attorney, Phil Lowry, says certain state statutes prohibit charging a fee for activities where there’s an element of chance. watch

Planned Parenthood sues anti-abortionists

Undercover videos false, hatred toward Planned Parenthood true

01/19/16 11:16AM

National Abortion Federation President Vicki Saporta says the uptick in hatred toward abortion providers “cannot be tolerated” since videos released by anti-abortionist “conspirators”. A long list of those who collaborated to produce the videos are being sued for false claims. watch

Attorney: Cleveland officer not cross...

Family attorney: No cross examination in Tamir Rice courtroom

01/04/16 01:18PM

Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) officers were never cross examined in front of a grand jury, says Tamir Rice family attorney Earl Ward. “There were ample questions to be raised challenging officers’ claims” when in fact, “prepared statements” were read. watch

Should a surgeon run two operations at once?

Surgeons are running multiple operating rooms, legally

01/04/16 01:01PM

Medical malpractice expert and attorney Heather Hansen defends concurrent surgeries saying that staggering procedures are legal if patients are aware that a resident, or alternative surgeon, may oversee a portion of the operation. watch

Freddie Gray family attorney on new trial

Easier for prosecution or defense in Freddie Gray retrial?

12/21/15 02:51PM

William “Billy” Murphy, Jr., attorney for the family of Freddie Gray, gives detail on “deadlocked” jurors and the prosecution’s belief of Officer Porter committing perjury on the witness stand. Statistics find over half of retrials result in a guilty finding of the prosecution. watch

Doctor defends NFL, “Concussion” film is...

Doctor defends NFL, “Concussion” film is minority

12/21/15 02:10PM

“Not everyone who gets a concussion, or sub-concussion, develops CTE” says emergency room physician Dr. Robert Glatter when describing the findings of Nigerian forensic pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu. “There are genetics behind this disorder that we don’t understand.” watch