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Bachmann in 2012?

Bachmann in 2012?

03/24/11 08:00PM

Michelle Bachmann made headlines Thursday when she raised the possibility of forming an exploratory committee. NBC’s Domenico Montanaro joins to discuss... watch

WashSpeak: Africom

03/24/11 11:20AM

Africom or U.S. Africa Command is the command charged with supporting U.S. National Security interests in Africa.At the moment, Africom is currently leading the U.S. campaign of air strikes in Libya.If you have some Washington Speak you'd like us to clarify- send us an email read more

Chuck and Savannah sit down with Politico

03/23/11 03:32PM

Chuck and Savannah recently sat down with Politico's Patrick Gavin in his "Answer This" series, the first tag-team piece for the series. Gavin asked them their thoughts on Washington's culture and how much sleep they get (hint: not much). read more

Morning Rundown

03/23/11 08:40AM

Libya: The battle over Libya, in addition to posing questions about military tactics, has opened a sort-of second front here at home, where disagreement about U.S. read more