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Morning Rundown

03/10/11 10:57AM

Libya: An envoy for Khaddafy in Lisbon told a Portuguese newspaper Thursday morning that his regime was willing 'to begin a negotiations process for transition.' The statement, if true, is unlikely to quell rebels' demands for the Libyan leader's immediate ouster, despite sustained attacks against the resistance for the past three weeks. Former Diplomate Jamie Rubin will offer analysis of the situation on the show. (Reuters: Gaddafi Would Agree to Transition Talks)Wisonsin: State Senate Republicans pulled a fast one on Democrats and protesters Wednesday evening. read more

WashSpeak: Testing the waters

03/09/11 11:34AM

At the moment, we're not hearing a lot of "we're in" from the potential Republican presidential field right now.Instead, 244 days from Election Day and it's time to float your name, make speeches, see what kind of money you can raise -- which is all known as "testing the waters."If you have some Washington Speak you'd like us to clarify- send us an email read more

Morning Rundown

03/09/11 09:53AM

Libya: Colonel Khaddafy continued his defiant rhetoric again Wednesday, all but daring the West to hit him with an airstrike. The embattled Libyan leader, appearing this time on Turkish television, said "..the Libyan people will take up arms" against the West were the country to be hit by an airstrike. An attack, which would be the first phase in implementing a potential a no-fly zone, would come as "proof"  that foreign states plan on stealing Libyan oil and taking "control of Libya", Khaddafy said.Budget: Senate Maj. read more

Morning Rundown

03/08/11 07:20AM

Libya: The fighting continues. The story unfolding in Libya remains centered around Khaddafy's unrelenting grip on power, and his employment of all-out strategic warfare against dissenting rebels, which carried on again Tuesday morning. read more

WashSpeak: Mission Creep

03/04/11 01:58PM

When military operations in foreign countries increase gradually, demanding further commitment of personnel and resources.If you have some Washington Speak you'd like us to clarify- send us an email read more

WashSpeak: Roll Call

03/03/11 01:16PM

Roll Call is the reading of the list of Congressional names in alphabetical order.If you have some Washington Speak you'd like us to clarify- send us an email read more

Morning Rundown

03/03/11 06:25AM

Libya: The showdown continues today, as fresh reports of airstrikes have emerged from the eastern city of Brega yet again. Use of the now-familiar tactic comes one day after Secretary of Defense Gates signaled that a no-fly zone over Libya could pull the US military into its third armed conflict in the region, requiring extensive preliminary American airstrikes to implement. Meanwhile, Khaddafy has entered talks with Venezuela’s Chaves, who is advocating an international peacekeeping mission to resolve Libyan unrest. read more

WashSpeak: MPAA

03/02/11 12:47PM

The MPAA is also known as the Motion Picture Association of America. Former Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., was just named chairman of the MPAA, Hollywood's top lobbying group.If you have some Washington Speak you'd like us to clarify- send us an email read more

Morning Rundown

03/02/11 07:33AM

Libya: Pro-Khaddafy forces have reportedly taken the rebel-controlled oil producing city of Al Brega, as the heat continues to ratchet up in the weeks-long clashes between the pro-democracy resistance and supporters of Khaddafy's beleaguered regime. This comes as American warships steer their hulls towards the Mediterranean, while the Obama administration delicately mulls potential military options there. read more

Morning Rundown

03/01/11 07:17AM

Libya: Despite countless reports, pictures and international outcry condemning his actions, Khaddafy insists he maintains control of Libya, brushing off the fact that his country is, by definition, amidst a civil war. As he continued military attacks against the very people he claims "love" him, opposition rebels collided with Khaddafi loyalists again Tuesday, still maintaining their hopes of taking Tripoli and ending his 42 year reign. read more

Governors v. Obama

02/28/11 04:40PM

Governors have historically been public officials presidents could turn to that didn't necessarily reflect tones of stark partisanship nationally, but this time around it seems they have been the President's ultimate foils. Florida Governor Rick Scott rejected billions in federal money for rail. Likewise, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's Budget Repair Bill could strike a large blow to labor, one of the President's most reliable voting blocks (although Walker's supporters would argue the bill is for fiscal reasons not political ones). read more

WashSpeak: Down payment

02/28/11 11:28AM

Down payment is when lawmakers make a short-term decision in order to divert attention for the long-term decision they're avoiding.If you have some Washington Speak you'd like us to clarify- send us an email read more

Morning Rundown

02/28/11 09:52AM

Libya: The crisis in Libya continues its circuitous escalation from the realm of popular dissent to an armed conflict that has kept the region on edge, while vividly illustrating geopolitical economics by virtue of a crude lesson in supply and demand. read more