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Morning Rundown

02/22/11 06:34AM

Libya: In Libya, the scene on the ground continues to deteriorate. Last night, Moammar Khaddafy made a brief and bizarre, even for him, appearance on state television to illustrate that he had not left the country and has no intention of doing so. It appears this could be the end of the Libyan dictator's forty-year rule. It cannot come soon enough for the protesters in Tripoli, who say Khaddafy loyalists are waging an all-out massacre to clamp down on demonstrations.The violence is creating major fluctuations in the price of oil that will be felt all over the world. read more

Morning Rundown

02/21/11 12:50PM

Middle East: The volatility across the Middle East and North Africa continues to snowball at a breakneck pace. This morning we're watching Libya, home to weekend violence so intense it caused Muammar Gaddafi's son to make a rare TV appearance warning protestors that their actions threatened to drag the country into civil war. A human rights group now puts the number of dead in that country's uprising at over 200. read more

WashSpeak: Primary Balance

02/18/11 11:52AM

Primary balance is the budget including everything except the interest payments.If you have some Washington Speak you'd like us to clarify- send us an email read more

WashSpeak: Compound Interest

02/17/11 11:05AM

With compound interest, the interest a person owes on money they borrow is added to the principal, and then all new interest is charged on top of that.It's a vicious cycle of owing more and more, making it so much harder to balance the federal budget.If you have some Washington Speak you'd like us to clarify- send us an email read more

President's schedule

02/17/11 10:19AM

President Obama's Schedule9:30 am ET The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing 09:55 am ET The President holds a meeting on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act 12:15 pm ET The President and the Vice President meet with House Democratic Leadership for lunch 1:45P pm ET The President signs the John M. read more

Morning Rundown

02/17/11 10:17AM

The latest crackdown in the Arab World came in the form of pre-dawn raids in Bahrain. Arab media now reporting at least 5 dead... Clashes have also left several protesters injured in Algeria, Yemen, and Libya. Libya is bracing for a 'Day of Rage' today while Iran, Yemen, and Iraq continue to simmer... Top stories: Police in Bahrain Clear Protest Site in Early Morning Raid (NYTimes)'Day of Rage' Planned in Libya ( Warships Delay Crossing Suez Canal (Reuters)Democrats Turn 'Where are the Jobs?' Chant on GOP (Associated Press)Deficit Plan Details Emerge (Wall Street Journal)  read more

Morning Rundown

02/16/11 08:41AM

Middle East: Egypt's military named an eight-person committee, including a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a prominent Christian judge, to recommend changes to the country's constitution, as opposition parties showed the first signs of gearing up for elections. (WSJ:Egypt's Military, Parties Begin to Prepare for Polls)Budget: One day after President Obama submitted his budget request for fiscal 2012 to Capitol Hill, congressional Republicans assailed the document as too weak on spending. read more

WashSpeak: 'On the table'

02/15/11 11:30AM

In this budget debate, 'on the table,' means no one on the left or the right wants to say anything specific about what spending cuts they would make.Therefore, they resort to the convenient talking point "everything is on the table."Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyIf you have some Washington Speak you'd like us to clarify- send us an email  read more

Morning Rundown

02/15/11 07:49AM

Budget: Today the fall out continues from President Obama's $3.73 trillion budget for fiscal year 2012, released yesterday morning. Capitol Hill will be very busy, with hearings being held by the House Budget, House Ways and Means, CBC, Senate Budget, and Senate Finance committees..An interesting take on the budget from WaPo's Ezra Klein: Federal Govt = Large insurance conglomerate with a standing army.Middle East: The Domino effect of protests continues around the Arab World and Iran. Uprisings in Iran, Bahrain, Yemen, and Algeria continue to take place. read more

WashSpeak: OMB

02/14/11 11:10AM

The Office of Management and Budget is an agency in the executive branch that is responsible for preparing and writing the president's annual budget proposal and submitting it to Congress.If you have some Washington Speak you'd like us to clarify- send us an email  read more

President's schedule

02/14/11 09:13AM

President Obama Schedule 9:20aET         President Obama departs WHSL enroute Baltimore, MD.                      9:45aET         Marine One arrives Parkville, Md. LZ 10:10aET         The President arrives Parkville Middle School and Center of Technology and tours classroom. 10:20aET         The President delivers remarks on education and key budget priorities. read more