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#TDRGoodMorning from Utah’s Trivia Mafia Players


Meet the latest winners of our #TDRGoodMorning challenge: Kerry Shea and her “Trivia Mafia Players” group near Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

Thanks to everyone who submitted. Make sure to get your submission in soon! What are you waiting for? Send us your #TDRGoodMorning video now! It’s simple – use your phone or computer to send us a video clip saying the following: “GOOD MORNING FROM [WHERE YOU ARE]… IT’S [DAY OF THE WEEK, DAY OF THE MONTH, 2013] AND THIS IS THE DAILY RUNDOWN…. NOW HERE’S CHUCK TODD.” Submissions need to come in the day BEFORE the day that you’re talking about. In other words, we need a Monday greeting submitted by Sunday and so on. Just email that clip to us at dailyrundown@msnbc.com with the subject line “GOOD MORNING” or tweet us @dailyrundown with the hashtag #TDRgoodmorning. Don’t forget to include your full name (which we’ll put on screen). Video and audio quality is important, but we’ll also be looking for creativity and energy. You can improvise a word or two, but not by much please. Your greeting can include more than one person and groups are welcome. Our selection process is easy: we’re going to pick the best one we get every day!

#TDRGoodMorning from Utah's Trivia Mafia Players