#TDRGoodMorning from the World’s Largest Monopoly Board


Meet the latest winner of our #TDRGoodMorning challenge: Denny North from San Jose, California.

Thanks to everyone who submitted. Make sure to get your submission in soon! What are you waiting for?

Send us your #TDRGoodMorning video. It’s simple – use your phone or computer to send us a video clip saying the following: “GOOD MORNING FROM [WHERE YOU ARE]. IT’S [DAY OF THE WEEK, DAY OF THE MONTH, 2013] AND THIS IS THE DAILY RUNDOWN. NOW HERE’S CHUCK TODD.”

Submissions need to come in the day before the day that you’re talking about. In other words, we need a Monday greeting submitted by Sunday and so on. Just email that clip to us at dailyrundown@msnbc.com with the subject line “Good morning” or tweet us @dailyrundown with the hashtag #TDRgoodmorning. Don’t forget to include your full name (which we’ll put on screen). Video and audio quality is important, but we’re also be looking for creativity and energy. You can improvise a word or two, but not by much please.

The greeting can be made by more than one person. Groups are welcome. Our selection process is easy: we’re going to pick the best one we get.

#TDRGoodMorning from the World's Largest Monopoly Board