Spitzer’s opponent says race has become a ‘two-ring circus’


Scott Stringer, the man facing off against Eliot Spitzer in the New York City comptroller race, said the competition had become a “two-ring circus” since the former governor joined.

Stringer, the Manhattan borough president, joined the The Daily Rundown on Wednesday to discuss his candidacy, which he charged hadn’t received nearly as much media attention as his opponent’s bid despite nearly three decades in public office.

Media attention on Spitzer’s comeback attempt since a prostitution scandal led to his resignation from office four years ago has been fierce as the former governor apologizes and asks voters for a second chance.

“The reality is, these elections are not about personal redemption,” Stringer said. “They’re not about the candidates’ mind-set. This is about working people, struggling New Yorkers, who want to know what a candidate’s plan is on education, how the comptroller is going to watch out for middle class people.”

Stringer also criticized Spitzer directly, saying that he is not ready for the job of comptroller.

“As comptroller, you have to build relationships. That’s something that Elliot Spitzer knows nothing about. Look at his failed governorship,” Stringer said.

Spitzer responded to Stringer’s attacks during a NY1 interview, saying, “For somebody who was up in Albany as a member of an Assembly during many years that did not a whole lot, I will compare my record and tenure as governor and my record and tenure as attorney general to anybody’s record out there.”

A Quinnipiac poll from July 8-14 shows Stringer down 33% to Spitzer’s 48%. Despite the uphill battle, Stringer was optimistic and reminded voters that New York cannot afford to “make the same mistake twice” in voting for Spitzer.

“When we make the case, we get voters,” he said. “I’m traveling around the city and they’re not buying the Spitzer thing.”


Spitzer's opponent says race has become a 'two-ring circus'