Shameless Plugs Weekly Roundup


The Daily Rundown was busy putting together one amazing week of shows full of wonderful guests (if we may shamelessly say ourselves…). Needless to say, we were a bit late on posting all the really great panel plugs. Nevertheless, here they are, better late than never!


Monday, 11/28

Dan Balz plugged Jack Pitney’s piece in Washington Post Sunday Outlook, Five Myths About Newt Gingrich.

Michael Steele plugged the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. He is now on their board.

Karen Finney plugged Dan Balz’s piece in Sunday’s Washington Post looking at how changes in demographics help Obama. It inspired her own piece for The Hill, Politics: Inch by inch.


Tuesday, 11/29

Anne Kornblut plugged colleague Dana Milbank’s column about Sen. Rob Portman as a potential Republican running mate today.

Steve McMahon plugged The November Purple Poll.  The poll shows President Obama is struggling in the 12 purple states, these are the states that will decide the election. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are strong in those states.

Ramesh Ponnuru plugged his latest Bloomberg View column on the Federal Reserve and why it’s failing.


Wednesday, 11/30

Jen Psaki plugged her husband’s grandmother, Virginia, who she called “the best over 80-year-old Democrat in Kentucky.”

Reid Wilson plugged the running triumph of his little sister, Lauren Wilson, who completed a half-marathon this weekend with the best time she’s ever had.

Helene Cooper plugged her mom’s Liberian palava sauce.


Thursday, 12/1

Perry Bacon plugged two of his colleagues, Phil Rucker and Peter Wallsten. The two wrote a piece about Mitt Romney’s Campaign strategy in dealing with Newt Gingrich.

Cynthia Tucker plugged her twitter @ctuckerprof.

Mike Duffy plugged Joe Klein’s cover story this week in TIME Magazine about Romney.


Friday, 12/2

Liz Sidoti plugged Beth Fouhy’s article on 2012 campaign advertising.  

Michelle Bernard plugged the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence.

Ruth Marcus plugged Foreign Policy’s feature article on the 100 top global thinkers of 2011.  


Shameless Plugs Weekly Roundup