Sen. John Kerry slams Gov. Romney’s ‘Rosetta Stone foreign policy’


Senator John Kerry has been playing Gov. Mitt Romney in President Obama’s debate prep. But when asked about the real Romney’s performance in last night’s debate, he tore into the candidate as “weak and wrong,” and not “open and honest.”

Before the debate, the Massachusetts Senator and chair of the Foreign Relations Committee insisted Romney had to show specificity in regard to his foreign policy plans—a test, he says, Romney failed.

It was “like listening to a candidate who was running on Cliff Notes or who had Rosetta Stone foreign policy,”  said Senator Kerry on The Daily Rundown.  A Romney vision the Wall Street Journal opinion page described as “so wholly unobjectionable it would have made any Peace Corps volunteer proud” was criticized by Senator Kerry as an attempt to “fool people, hide his real positions” and distract from more hawkish policy positions he’s taken over the last seven years.

Kerry joked that he needs an exorcism now that he’s done channeling Romney for debate preparations.

Sen. John Kerry slams Gov. Romney's 'Rosetta Stone foreign policy'