President’s schedule


President Obama’s schedule
2:30p The President meets with the National Policy Alliance

Events in Washington
10:00a Sens. McCain, Carper, Udall, Portsman, Bennet and Coats on legislation that would give the President enhanced line- item veto authority.
11:00a TSA officials will demonstrate the new Advanced Imaging Technology Software at a security checkpoint at Reagan Natl Airport.

12:30p Stake-out for the closed Senate Party Policy Luncheons.
2:00p The US Dept. of Transportation releases results from an unprecedented ten-month study of potential electronic causes of unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles.
2:00p The Aviation subcom. of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Cmte. holds a hearing on FAA Reauthorization.
3:00p Democrats on the House Judiciary Cmte. hold a news conference on a woman’s right to choose.
4:00p The Subcom. on the Constitution of the House Judiciary Cmte. holds a hearing on federal funding for abortions. 
5:00p The House Intelligence Cmte. holds a closed hearing on the situation in the Middle East.
7:00p Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee and Reps. Michele Bachmann and Steve King speak at a town hall meeting hosted by the Tea Party Express.


President's schedule