The Daily Rundown, 6/28/13, 10:56 AM ET

Immigration reform moves to the House of Representatives

Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., discusses the prospects for immigration reform in the House, saying that if the House won't take up Senate bill, it should move quickly to pass its own bill and move to conference.

House Democrat: Boehner could doom prospects of immigration reform


The Senate overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill 68 to 32, but Democrats aren’t hopeful about its prospects as the legislation now moves to the House.

Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland said on Friday’s The Daily Rundown that he puts the chances for comprehensive reform in the House at about “50/50.”

Van Hollen was especially critical of House Speaker John Boehner, who said the House would not take up the Senate bill.

“The speaker’s comments and the House Republicans’ statements are taking us in the wrong direction,” Van Hollen said.

Van Hollen, the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee and former chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said that inaction from the speaker or waiting on a House compromise bill to emerge could prevent any type of reform from happening.

“What was most disturbing about the speaker’s comments was that out of the conference committee, very specifically, he said he would not allow the people’s House to work its will. He would only allow something to come out of conference committee if it had the majority support of Republicans,” Van Hollen added. “I’m afraid that could doom the prospects of immigration reform.”

House Democrat: Boehner could doom prospects of immigration reform