GOP Senator: ‘I’ve never thought we would have a shutdown’


At least one lawmaker is confident the government can avoid a shutdown next week.

On Thursday’s The Daily Rundown, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said he believed the Senate and the House would come to an agreement in the nick of time.

“I’ve never thought we would have a shutdown,” Johnson said. “There is no desire, certainly on the part of the Republicans. Somehow leadership always come with the time constraints to something short-term so we don’t shut down the government.”

Johnson, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, also took a swipe at Obamacare, warning that the dysfunction seen in the budget fight didn’t bode well for the government’s soon-to-be involvement in the health care system.

“I want Americans to focus on the dysfunction that is Washington, D.C., and contemplate them taking over larger shares of the health care system and start questioning that,” Johnson said. 

Watch the senators’ full interview with host Chuck Todd in the above clip.

GOP Senator: 'I've never thought we would have a shutdown'