First Read Flash: Immigration hope?

DREAMers (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) and parents take an oath in a mock citizenship ceremony during a "United We Dream," rally on...
DREAMers (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) and parents take an oath in a mock citizenship ceremony during a "United We Dream," rally on...
Alex Brandon/AP

A path forward? There’s not much optimism these days for getting an immigration bill through the House, but the GOP-group American Action Network still sees a narrow pathway for success in pushing the issue through the House. Cook Political Reports Amy Walter takes a look at some of their new polling: “The key is to meet House members and GOP primary voters where they are, instead of trying to push them to where many think they should be.  In other words, stop lecturing House members on demographic ‘death spirals’ and doomed 2016 elections, and start focusing on a buy-in that addresses their specific concerns.” See the 

A Tarrance Group poll for the organization, omitting blue states, found that “there is indeed an appetite among GOP voters for immigration reform, the AAN memo states that a majority (51 percent) favor passage of ‘generic comprehensive immigration reform,’ while just 26 percent oppose. The support number isn’t all that impressive. But, it is noteworthy that the opposition is not as solid as many have thought. However, the poll also found the Senate Gang of Eight bill and a pathway to citizenship to be non-starters for GOP primary voters. Seventy-six percent of GOP voters have heard of the Senate proposal and a “majority of these Republicans (53%) are already opposed to it. Moreover, while 59 percent of Republicans favor an ‘earned pathway to legal status,’ just 49 percent support an ‘earned pathway to citizenship.‘ “ See the full Tarrance Group memo here.

Make love, not politics. “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) vowed Monday that Democrats would hold onto their Senate majority and mocked Mitch McConnell for failing to placate restive tea party critics,” the Washington Post reports. “Speaking to supporters of the pro-Obama advocacy group Organizing for Action gathered at Washington hotel for a day-long strategy meeting, Reid said McConnell was tied in the polls with his Democratic challenger in Kentucky and gloated that it appeared that the Senate GOP leader had picked up a primary challenger. ‘He tried to make love to the tea party and they didn’t like it,’ Reid said.” The Senate Majority Leader is getting his first GOP primary challenger this week, with wealthy investment banker Matthew Bevin set to announce on Wednesday. The Grio’s Perry Bacon has more on McConnell’s challenge.

About that….. Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer continues in long line of political mea culpas in his newest TV ad for New York City comptroller. While his first ad last Friday didn’t mention the prostitution scandal that forced him from office, in the new ad Spitzer is more blunt – but never explicitly asks for forgiveness..  ’Look, I failed. Big time. I hurt a lot of people,’ says Spitzer. ‘When you dig yourself a hole you can either lie in it for the rest of your life, or do something positive. That’s why I’m running. ’ Spitzer touts his reputation as the “Sheriff of Wall Street” in the new ad. But one person who won’t be behind Spitzer’s political comeback bid is the state’s junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand. The Democrat announced Monday she’s backing Spitzer’s opponent, Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer.