Congress doesn’t deserve a summer break, GOP Rep. says


The House is preparing for a five-week vacation from Capitol Hill starting Aug. 5, but not everyone is happy about their summer break.

GOP Rep. Scott Rigell of Virginia said on Friday’s The Daily Rundown that Congress shouldn’t be leaving Washington before major budget issues are settled.

“Breaking for four or five weeks may be House tradition, but it is not wise,” said Rigell.

A recent study by the Congressional Management Foundation found that members spend most of their time at home working with constituents.

But the Republican explained that the country’s current fiscal situation—which must be solved in Washington, not at home—is what has motivated his push to end August recess. Rigell said he’s made his case the GOP majority leader and fellow Virginian Eric Cantor.

“When extraordinary challenges are facing our country—and certainly our fiscal situation and our fiscal trajectory really put our country at risk—this is when you pivot,” he said.

Rigell admitted that he is new to Congress, having served just two and a half years, but pointed out that his fresh prospective is needed.

“We need to pivot off of this cynicism that we have that we can’t change Congress. We also have to recognize that this is not a normal time,” Rigell said.

Congress doesn't deserve a summer break, GOP Rep. says