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Colorado Gov: Gun control won’t stop my re-election


Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper told Chuck Todd on The Daily Rundown Wednesday that he’d be happy to campaign on universal background checks going forward.

“Certainly, universal background checks are something I’m happy to campaign on,” said Hickenlooper.

The Democratic governor signed stricter gun control legislation into law March 20. The new laws include a provision about gun buyers getting background checks before they make their purchases.

These new provisions are not welcomed state-wide. In fact, many within the state argue that gun control will cost the governor the upcoming election.

But Gov. Hickenlooper is confident he’ll be re-elected and that Colorado voters will warm up to the benefits of universal background checks.

“We couldn’t get Republicans to support the bills, ” he told Todd. “And yet, when I would go out around the state, Republicans everywhere would come up and say, ‘you know, universal background checks, that makes sense…I’ll support that.”

The gubernatorial election is set for November 2014.


Colorado Gov: Gun control won't stop my re-election