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Carville: Field is clear for Clinton in ‘16


James Carville, longtime friend and advisor for the Clintons, says he’s yet to find any Democratic opposition to a Hillary Clinton White House bid in 2016.

“If there’s a Democrat that does not want her to run, I have not met them,” Carville said on The Daily Rundown.

Clinton herself has not revealed her plans, but some political analysts see last week’s endorsement of same-sex marriage as an attempt to begin laying the groundwork for a campaign.

Carville called the pressure on the former secretary of state “unimaginable” and went so far as to suggest that the race for the nomination would amount to a contest between Clinton and everyone else.

“She’s her own person and she’s perfectly willing to resist that kind of pressure…But I don’t think there’s ever been (such) a prohibitive frontrunner for a party’s nomination as Secretary of State Clinton is right now. You can feel it out there.”

Carville: Field is clear for Clinton in '16