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E.g., 10/31/2014
E.g., 10/31/2014
WH: New leadership for Secret Service...

WH: New leadership for Secret Service required

10/01/14 03:32PM

In the White House Press Briefing Josh Earnest, said President Obama spoke to Julia Pierson who “took responsibility for the shortcomings” of the agency, agreed new leadership was required and that Joe Clancy should be the interim director. watch

Threats to Obama last straw, Pierson out

Threats to Obama last straw, Julia Pierson out

10/01/14 03:24PM

Perry Bacon, Jr. shares his reaction to the resignation of Julia Pierson, saying now the question is “how will the Secret Service restore credibility?” Kristen Welker says that Pierson “lost the confidence of the people she was leading in the agency.” watch

Secret Service director resigns

Secret Service director resigns

10/01/14 03:20PM

Julia Pierson, the director of the U.S. Secret Service, resigned after the last two lapses in security by the group. Reports say former agent Joseph Clancy will be brought back. NBC's Pete Williams reports. watch

'The war against Ebola rages on'

'The war against Ebola rages on'

10/01/14 02:59PM

NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Charles Hadlock and Dr. Frank Esper and Ezekiel Emanuel join The Cycle to discuss the latest in the Ebola crisis and whether Texas Health Presbyterian is ready to handle an Ebola diagnosis. watch

Riveting account of modern Mideast peace...

Riveting account of first modern Mideast peace treaty

09/30/14 03:35PM

President Obama is meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the first time since war broke out between Israel and Hamas earlier this summer. Author Lawrence Wright joins to discuss the parallels with the Middle East tension Pres. Jimmy C watch