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Steve Kornacki's latest article: Is Bain a bust?

07/24/12 09:20AM

There was some preliminary and tentative evidence a few weeks ago to suggest the Obama campaign’s emphasis on unflattering aspects of Mitt Romney’s private equity past was paying political dividends.Now comes the reality check: a new USA Today/Gallup poll that finds that voters by an overwhelming margin – 63 to 29 percent – believe Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital equips him to make good decision as president. As Greg Sargent notes, the Obama team’s goal in playing up Bain is to break the reflexive association voters tend to make between private sector success and economic policy competence. read more

Penn State fines are handed down

Penn State fines are handed down

07/23/12 05:09PM

Should the NCAA have given Penn State the death penalty? This is a question we tweeted out earlier today and have gotten mixed reaction.When the NCAA spoke this morning they did come close with a devsatiting punishment for the sex abuse scandal and cover up that rocked the college football world. Here is how it broke down: read more

How prayer is helping the healing process

07/23/12 05:00PM

One way people are trying to get through Friday’s mass shooting is with prayer.Pastor Doug Lassit is from the Pearl Church, 15 minutes away from the movie theatre. Several people who had family or friends effected by the shooting worship there. Since Friday Pastor Lassit has been counseling parishioners and those effected directly by the mass shooting. He answers The Cycle hosts' question: what is the toughest part of this whole process?   read more

Accused shooter, James Holmes, makes court appearance

Accused shooter, James Holmes, makes court appearance

07/23/12 04:38PM

Today we got our first look at James Holmes, orange hair and all, sitting in the courtroom during his first court hearing. While the 24 year old did not speak his physical appearance spoke volumes.When he wasn’t struggling to keep his eyes open they were bugged out making some people say he looked drugged while others though he looked sleepy and stressed out. Still others say he looked psychotic, which is probably what the defense will plead when this case official goes to trial.Survivors and families of the 12 victims were in the court room today as he was denied bond.  read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and guns

07/23/12 10:56AM

Nearly 20 years ago, Colin Ferguson snuck a handgun and 160 rounds of ammunition onto a commuter train in New York and shot more than two dozen people, killing six of them. His rampage dominated the news and stirred a national outpouring of shock and grief not unlike what we’re now seeing.It also prompted an immediate call from a Democratic president for a legislative response. read more

July 22, 2012 - State College, Pa. - Penn State workers cover the statue of former coach Joe Paterno near Beaver Stadium on Penn State's campus Sunday as they prepare to remove it.

Coach Paterno statue removed at Penn State as college is punished by NCAA

07/23/12 10:13AM

The NCAA levied a $60-million fine against Penn State, removed all of its recent football wins (1998-2011), and banned the college from the annual bowl games for four years following the scandal of the Jerry Sandusky trial, which revealed the sexual abuse of young boys and a cover-up. The sanctions issued by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which oversees college athletic programs, also included a reduction in its scholarship funds over the next four years and the right for incoming and current players to transfer, which will restrict the school's ability to recruit and ret read more

Family members of victims killed in  Friday's Century 16 movie theater shootings grieve at a prayer vigil in Aurora, Colo., on Sunday night.

Shocked Aurora vows, 'We will remember' victims of theater shooting rampage

07/22/12 08:06PM

  AURORA, Colo. – Well-wishers, shocked townspeople and family members of the victims sang and prayed Sunday night and vowed to remember those who died in a horrific movie theater shooting rampage, not the act of violence that tore apart their quiet city.“We are a family in Aurora," said Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan. "We are good hard-working people who believe in the goodness of our fellow man. read more

Cops: Weeks of planning went into shootings at Colo. Batman screening

Cops: Weeks of planning went into shootings at Colo. Batman screening

07/20/12 03:04PM

Updated at 10:14 p.m. ET: A graduate student's attack in a sold-out theater near Denver showing the new Batman movie, in which 12 people were killed early Friday, was the culmination of two months of meticulous planning that included a potentially deadly booby trap left in the suspect's home for investigators, authorities said.Fifty-eight other people were injured, many of them seriously, in the shootings shortly after midnight at the Century 16 Movie Theaters complex in Aurora, Colo. read more

Update: Aurora Colorado Shooting

Update: Aurora Colorado Shooting

07/20/12 03:00PM

We are continuing to update you on the Breaking News from Aurora, Colorado. We now know what happened: James Eagan Holmes, a 24 year old former medical student, walked into The Dark Knight Rises movie theater in Aurora, CO and opened fire killing 12 people and injuring 59.  For about 11 hours police have been working to dismantle booby-traps inside James Holmes apartment with the neighbors not being allowed to return to their homes since early this morning.  read more

Breaking News: Midnight Shooting at "Dark Knight Rises" movie premier

Breaking News: Midnight Shooting at "Dark Knight Rises" movie premier

07/20/12 11:30AM

Right now Colorado Police are working to dismantle booby-traps inside the Aurora apartment of 24 year old James Eagan Holmes. He is accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens inside a packed midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises”. Police say there are sophisticated flammable or explosive materials inside the apartment. Neighbors have been evacuated since 2am this morning.At the theater witnesses say the man barged in through an emergency exit near the screen. read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Warren vs. Christie?

07/20/12 11:16AM

Neither decision is official, but if reports this week end up being correct, this year’s party conventions will feature a stark and riveting contrast among keynote speakers.Early in the week, NBC News and the New York Post reported that Chris Christie would be the Republicans’ featured speaker at their Tampa convention. Mitt Romney’s campaign has refused to confirm the report, though, and Christie himself was mum on the subject when questioned on Thursday. read more