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The Way You Move

07/06/12 09:31PM

The Cycle team has been together for two full weeks so we brought in body language expert Aaron Brehove to asses how the hosts interact with each other. Prior to joining The Cycle team on air he was given screen grabs of them from the last two weeks to analyze and let us know what their body language reveals.Check out what he has to say: read more

Job Report Friday

07/06/12 09:21PM

It's the first Friday in July which means one thing- -  JOB REPORT FRIDAY!The June job numbers were released today and any way you look at them the number are not good. The unemployment rate stayed at 8.2% and the American economy only added about 80,000 jobs.In the last 3 months the number of jobs created hit a two year quarterly low.  Another record we wish we haven't hit - the longest stretch of unemployment above 8% since 1948. It's been above 8% since February, 2009.There are two ways to look at the job report from today- the economic side and the political side. read more


07/06/12 02:55PM

The Cycle Hosts appeared on Thomas Roberts today to discuss MItt Romney's potential VP Candidates. Check out each of their top 3 potential nominees and let us know who you think Mitt Romney will pick! Tweet us at @thecyclemsnbc read more

New York Times Article: A Snitch's Dilemma

07/06/12 11:00AM

On today's show we are talking to Ted Conover author of A Snitch's Dilemma. Below find an excerpt of the article and don't miss the conversation today at 3pm et.EXCERPTKathryn Johnston was doing pretty well until the night the police showed up. Ever since her sister died, Johnston, 92, had lived alone in a rough part of Atlanta called the Bluff. A niece checked in often. One of the gifts she left was a pistol, so that her aunt might protect herself.The modest house had burglar bars on the windows and doors; there had been break-ins nearby.To continue reading the article click here.  read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: GOP fundraising could tilt Congress rightward

07/06/12 10:44AM

Mitt Romney has apparently posted his second consecutive month of stellar fun-raising. His campaign hasn’t officially released any figures yet, but it has sent word that the Romney team and the Republican National Committee’s Romney Victory Fund jointly raked in at least $100 million in June – $23 million better than Romney’s May haul, which also raised eyebrows, and the highest single-month total ever for a GOP candidate.It may be a few days before numbers for Barack Obama’s campaign are available, but the assumption is that the president was again outraised by his opponent in June. read more

Today's Guest Spot: Hard Times

Today's Guest Spot: Hard Times

07/06/12 10:39AM

Whether it be you know someone who lost their job or someone who just graduated and can't find a job, almost everyone in America knows someone who is affected by the job crisis. read more

President Barack Obama greets supporters after speaking at a campaign event July 5 in Maumee, Ohio. Obama is traveling by bus through Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for a ''Betting on America'' campaign tour. The president highlighted his...

Pres. Obama campaigns in Ohio, Pa. in two-day bus tour [in PICS]

07/06/12 08:54AM

President Obama campaigned in the battleground state of Ohio Thursday, July 5. Obama is polling neck-and-neck with his Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the Rust Belt state, which he won in the 2008 presidential election.On Friday, the president continues his two-day bus tour in Pennsylvania, a state where he currently holds a wider margin over Romney and that he won by 11% against Sen. John McCain in 2008.   read more

Krystal Clear

07/05/12 05:40PM

Krystal explains why the fate of 17 million uninsured Americans now lie in the hands of the country's governors. So, suppose your boss wants you to work overtime and you really need more money, but don’t want to work anymore hours.  Your boss says, I’ll pay you ten times your hourly rate for each hour of overtime. You’d reject it out of hand... right? OK, no reasonable person would actually behave in this way.  What kind of hardheaded person can’t say yes to 90% of what they want?Well, allow me to introduce you to Governor Rick Perry of Texas. read more

Faith & Freedom

Faith & Freedom

07/05/12 05:36PM

I grew up in a Catholic family with a mother that took 3 young boys to church every weekend, and a father that had decided to step away from the church for a while. I was baptized, received communion, and was confirmed. I went to religious ed classes from when I was in first grade all the way through high school, and served as an altar boy. I even went to a Jesuit university.And after all of that – I’m probably less sure of what I believe, want to believe, and know – than I’ve been before. read more