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Chelsea Clinton reveals politics, kids, are a possibility

08/15/12 08:09AM

Chelsea Clinton says her father’s foundation work and her mother’s campaigns helped her embrace a political legacy that may eventually include a role for her in public office.In her most revealing interview to date, the former first daughter talks to Vogue about her marriage and possibly providing her mom with “the grandchildren she hopes to have.” She also describes how she gradually warmed to the idea of following her parents into politics.“Before my mom’s campaign I would have said no. read more

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Linda McMahon celebrates her in win in the Connecticut primary over Chris Shays in Stamford, Conn., Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012.

Results: Four states host Republican congressional primaries

08/14/12 11:24PM

Tonight was primary election night in four states: Florida, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Minnesota. Here's a quick rundown of the election results.In Florida, Connie Mack IV crushed a weak field of Republican opponents to become the Republican nominee for Senate. Mack—whose father, Connie Mack III, was also a Republican Florida Senator—will run against incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, who also easily won his primary tonight.In Connecticut, World Wrestling Federation co-founder Linda McMahon defeated veteran House member Chris Shays in the Republican Senate primary. read more

Dirty Politics?

Dirty Politics?

08/14/12 06:00PM

The ticket for the 2012 Presidential Race is set. President Obama/Vice President Biden vs. Romeny/Ryan. So now that that conversation is over the new debate is will this be the year we do away with dirty political tricks and focus on the issues?We spoke to NBC Senior Political Editor, Mark Murray, about the upcoming Presidential Election. Do you think negative ads are effective?  read more

Is Penn State in more trouble?

Is Penn State in more trouble?

08/14/12 05:05PM

The Penn State scandal has been part of the water cooler conversation for months.In case you forgot here's how it breaks down: The conversation became a hotter topic after the punishments based on the report were officially released.But, is Penn State in bigger trouble now? The organization that issues accreditation for the school is warning that their renewal is “in jeopardy”. If it is revoked it means a loss of financial aid, loss of money for currently enrolled students, and the biggest consequences the degrees could become worthless.  read more

S.E. Cupp Web Extra with Mayor Booker: Bipartisanship

08/14/12 03:00PM

Yesterday we shared with you the clip answering the question: Why is Mayor Booker so famous? Today's clip from S.E.'s conversation with Mayor Booker explains why Democrats and Republicans need to work together in order for progress to be made. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts @thecyclemsnbc #cyclebooker read more

Today's lineup for The Cycle

08/14/12 01:00PM

Check out today’s show lineup where we are talking politics, sports, and what happens when there is life without women. Be sure to tweet us your thoughts @thecyclemsnbc during the showWill the Republicans and Democrats be taking the high road over the next 84 days or will we see Dirty Politics? Senior Political Editor, Mark Murray, joins the conversationTonight Lifetime premiers a docueseries called The Week the Women Went. The docueseries shows what happened in a small southern town when the women left and the men stayed behind. read more

Why everyone should watch 'Breaking Bad'

Why everyone should watch 'Breaking Bad'

08/14/12 10:48AM

Yesterday we had Vince Gilligan on the show. For those of you that don't know - Mr. Gilligan is the creator and executive producer of Breaking Bad. And for those of you that don't know ME, I'm obsessed with it. The reasons behind my addiction are complicated. They change day to day, and episode to episode. They're deep, they're shallow, they're artistic, they're utilitarian. I love the cinematography. It's the best shot show on television. Nobody does more work, or is more effective with light, angles, and lenses. They drive the vision. read more

A year up

08/14/12 10:33AM

Today’s guest spot features a conversation with author, Gerald Chertavian. His book A Year Up: How pioneering Program teaches Young Adults Real Skills for Real Jobs- with Real Success documents a true program that offers kids a community based alternative for college.This program shows how the jobs are out there we just need to train people to work in them. read more

Mayor Cory Booker spoke to S.E. Cupp

08/14/12 09:36AM

The Cycle's S.E. Cupp takes a tour of Newark, New Jersey with Mayor Cory Booker and learns how a little cooperation is allowing the city to thrive. Booker also shares his thoughts on the 2012 presidential race. read more

Steve Kornacki latest article: The choice Mitt didn't make

08/14/12 09:30AM

Three days after tapping Paul Ryan as his running-mate, Mitt Romneywill apparently anoint Chris Christie as the Republican convention’s keynote speaker later today. A good case can be made that he got these picks backwards.The early returns on his Ryan selection aren’t encouraging, at least if you’re a Republican. Before his selection, there was already evidence that he would be a polarizing presence on a national ticket. read more

The politics of drought

The politics of drought

08/14/12 08:30AM

Ordinarily, Congress easily passes an agriculture bill called the "farm bill," but that was before the worst Congress ever. This year, the Democratic Senate approved the measure, but House Republicans are blocking it, despite the assistance it would provide to drought-stricken farmers.Yesterday, President Obama was in Iowa, one of many states hard hit by the drought, and reminded voters of legislation that needs to pass. "Unfortunately right now, too many members of Congress are blocking the farm bill from becoming law," Obama said. "I am told that Gov. read more