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Today's Cycle Lineup

09/07/12 01:48PM

It's Jobs Report Friday! With the unemployment rate falling to 8.1% and the inspirational speeches that came out of the Democratic National Convention this week we have a full packed show today. Don’t forget to tweet us during the show @thecyclemsnbc After the release of the unemployment rate, is the glass half empty or half full? Our favorite duo, Peter Morici and Jared Bernstein, are back to answer that question.What was your favorite aspect of last night’s Democratic National Convention? read more

The Base Appeal

The Base Appeal

09/07/12 11:51AM

It's been a long time since I was excited about politics. I won't be melodramatic and say it's been "a full four years," but it's been more than two...Maybe it's working at msnbc, where I'm constantly pilloried with political soundbites, promises, attacks, double-crossing, double-talk, and double demagoguery. Maybe it's my age, you get to 28 and you have to put some childish naivete away. You stop believing in the conquering hero, and the knight in shining armor. read more

Steve Kornacki latest article: Will Obama get a real bounce?

09/07/12 09:39AM

With apologies to Joe Biden, the next few days could literally determine whether political conventions as we’ve come to know them will endure through the next presidential election cycle.The old purpose of conventions – to choose a candidate by bringing together delegates loyal to local, state and regional power-brokers in a days-long process that often required multiple ballots to settle – gave way to modern, tightly scripted infomercial model a generation or two ago. read more

Am I better off now?

09/06/12 05:06PM

With the election charging towards us, and both candidates on their respective tour routes - there's a question we're hearing a lot: "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" Obama is going to ask you. Romney is going to ask you. msnbc is going to ask you. FOXNews is going to ask you. It's a loaded question. You aren't supposed to know if they mean financially, culturally, spiritually... It isn't specified if gay rights, or health care, or the military are supposed to be considered. Vagueness by design. read more

Final Spin: President Clinton hits it out of the park

Final Spin: President Clinton hits it out of the park

09/06/12 04:52PM

It was the speech that mesmerized the Democrats and hopefully swayed Independents to President Obama’s side come November. For the 7th time, former President Bill Clinton addressed the convention of Democratic delegates in a speech that lasted 49-minutes, which to some may have seem long but our very own Krystal Ball couldn’t get enough. Find out what S.E. Cupp thought in our Final Spin.  read more

One-On-One with Governor Dukakis

09/06/12 04:46PM

Steve Kornacki caught up with Governor Dukakis while at the Democratic National Convention. Here is a portion of his interview and be sure to check back for the full interview.     read more

Toure's new TIME article: How To Read Political Racial Code

09/06/12 01:53PM

Part of my job when I speak about politics is to speak up for black people and say things black people need said. This mission has rarely felt so necessary as it has when racial code words recently entered the Presidential election. These code words are ancient racial stereotypes in slick, modern gear. They are linguistic mustard gas, sliding in covertly, aiming to kill black political viability by allowing white politicians to say ‘Don’t vote for the black guy’ in socially-acceptable language. Sometimes the code comes directly out of a candidate’s mouth. read more

MSNBC's Krystal Ball, Richard Wolffe and more liveblog President Obama's acceptance speech

09/06/12 01:50PM

President Barack Obama will formally accept the Democratic nomination for president Thursday night in Charlotte. And msnbc will be live-blogging the action right here! Join Krystal Ball, co-host of msnbc's The Cycle, and msnbc political analyst Richard Wolffe as they assess what Obama needs to do and whether he pulled it off -- as well as having a little fun along the way. We also want to hear from you! Send us your own take on what you're hearing, and we'll post a selection of reader comments. The blog goes live at 10pm, a little before the president takes stage. See you then!  read more

The Cycle's Lineup

09/06/12 01:00PM

As we enter the bottom of the 6th of our political baseball analogy we are reviewing Former President Bill Clinton’s epic speech last night and previewing President Obama’s speech tonight. It is sure to be a packed show as the final day at Democratic National Convention starts in just a few short hours. Check out our full lineup and let us know what you think @thecyclemsnbcIt could be anyone’s game. read more

Bill Clinton delivers DNC pitch for President Obama

Bill Clinton delivers DNC pitch for President Obama

09/06/12 11:54AM

With President Obama taking the stage to accept the Democratic nomination this evening we have entered the bottom of the 6th inning in our baseball analogy. According to the polls the game is tight and could go either way.Last night Former President Bill Clinton took the stage. Over the years President Clinton has spoken 7 times at Democratic National Conventions and when you put all of his speeches together, they total approximately 5 hours. read more

S.E. Cupp latest NY Daily News article: The Dems big abortion gamble

09/06/12 10:42AM

Last night at the DNC, abortion arguably had its best night ever — at least since 1992 when Bob Casey, Sr., was politely told he would not be giving a pro-life speech at that DNC after all.Across the lineup of speeches last night, everyone from First Lady Michelle Obama to NARAL President Nancy Keenan, actor Kal Penn and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, referenced abortion or a pro-choice platform to huge cheers from a rabid convention hall audience that sounded more 1973 than 2012.But the abortion issue wasn't reserved only for the living. read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Bill Clinton's long game

09/06/12 09:02AM

About 20 minutes into his speech last night, Bill Clinton invoked Mitch McConnell’s 2010 statement that his party’s top priority was denying Barack Obama a second term.“Senator,” Clinton said, “I hate to break it to you, but we’re going to keep President Obama on the job!”And with that the crowd erupted into the first of what turned into a series of “Four more years!” chants. The speech Clinton gave may help them realize that wish. Point by point, the former president rebutted the major lines of attack that Republicans have deployed against Obama. read more