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State of the day: Nevada

State of the Day: Nevada

11/05/12 06:19PM

Today marks the last day for the presidential candidates to gear up the country to vote and they're streaking across the blue skies to hit up as many toss-up states as possible. The president will be in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa before the day's end.  Romney is venturing to Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and finish his day up with a final... read more

White House

On election eve, Tom Brokaw stops by 'The Cycle'

11/05/12 01:53PM

After all the campaigning, political stumping, ads, and debates, we are one day from Election Day. On Tuesday, all the speculation will (hopefully) be put to rest once the votes are counted and we see who will be the next president. The national polls are showing the president up 0.4 percent, which, when you take the margin of error into account... read more

The candidates are their wives

Today on The Cycle: Political Number Crunching

11/05/12 06:51AM

As we all gear to sit on our couches and watch the results trickle in for the House, Senate, and Presidential races it is fun to speculate on how we think the election may turn out. According to the NBC News/Wall Street Journal and Real Clear Politics average President Obama is holding a slight national lead over Romney.... read more

President Obama and Mitt Romney on the trail

Down to the wire: 3 days to go

11/03/12 06:31PM

It’s down to the wire. We are three days away from Election Day and the race is almost a tie. While the president has  a 0.1% lead according to the latest Real Clear Politics poll - it is anyone’s race to win. Both campaigns are participating in the political ad frenzy. Among the campaigns and super PACs, the number of political ads have... read more

Battleground State: Iowa

State of the day: Iowa

11/03/12 01:02PM

The latest Real Clear Politics poll shows a close presidential race, with only a .1% difference between President Obama's 47.4% to Mitt Romney’s 47.3%. And according to the poll site's latest electoral map, Obama is predicted to win 290 delegates to 248, but pundits say it's still anyone’s game.... read more

The new jobs report

Will Friday's jobs report affect the election?

11/02/12 05:31PM

It's the first Friday of the month, and you know what that means - a jobs report! The October numbers show little change. Unemployment is currently at 7.9%, with 171,000 new jobs added during the month. Clearly, this isn't a game changer. Will it affect the presidential race at all?... read more

State of the day: Colorado

State of the day: Colorado

11/02/12 05:30PM

As we narrow in on election day the Cyclists have been looking at key battleground states to see how they will affect the election. Today the spotlight is on Colorado.... read more

Proof of Heaven

Today on The Cycle: Proof of Heaven

11/02/12 06:56AM

It has been four days since Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast, and millions of people are still affected. Sandy has left an aftermath that will take weeks to months to put back together, especially in those areas that narrowly escaped the wrath of Sandy.  3.5 million are still without power. 92 people were killed in the Unites States. And... read more


The 'politically homeless' Evangelical left

11/01/12 06:48PM

285 million people world wide and 100 million in the United States identify as Evangelicals, and much of the political community thinks of them as members of the Republican Party. But Evangelicals aren’t exclusive to the right-wing of politics.... read more


State of the day: Florida

11/01/12 05:24PM

With five days to go, both candidates are on the trail in swing states like Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida trying to rev up the vote for Tuesday. Where does each candidate stand? According to the latest Real Clear Politics poll, it's a dead tie at 47.4%. Every single vote will matter come Election Day.... read more


'Brain dissection:' presidential candidate edition

10/31/12 05:28PM

Everything else has been dissected this election cycle – why not the candidate’s brains? In honor of Halloween, anthropologist and author of the Newsweek article “Who Has the More Presidential Brain?”  Doctor Helen Fisher joined The Cycle for what sounded like a mad science. Dr. Fisher combined hormones and politics to explain the genetics of... read more


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