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E.g., 10/21/2014

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Clinton revisionism will cost the right

08/16/12 09:37AM

The controversy over the “chains” metaphor that Joe Biden used in a speech earlier this week has given Republicans another excuse to engage in one of their favorite Obama-era past-times: Talking up the Clintons.In this case, it’s Hillary who is the subject of their rhetorical largesse, with several Republicans claiming that Biden’s comment should prompt President Obama to make a running-mate switch.Sarah Palin, for instance, branded Biden’s remark “disgusting” during a Fox News appearance Tuesday night and said, “If that’s not the nail in the coffin, really, the strategists there in the Obama read more

Ball: ‘I like Ayn Rand’

Ball: ‘I like Ayn Rand’

08/15/12 08:00PM

The Cycle host Krystal Ball explains that what she took from Ayn Rand’s novels was that idea to “not compromise your integrity on things that matter, fight... watch

Midway point for 2012 race

Midway point for 2012 race

08/15/12 08:00PM

Politico’s Dave Levinthal explains whether or not both parties are too concerned about appealing to their bases that they’ve forgotten the middle. watch

The 2012 Drought affects all of us

The 2012 Drought affects all of us

08/15/12 06:11PM

The U.S. is experiencing the worst drought in 50 years. Nearly half of the corn crop in this country has gone dry and in bad shape, pushing corn prices up to all time high this week. That is not the only crop affected by the drought. For a family of 4 we are talking $300 extra spent at the grocery store this year alone! NBC’s Janet Shamlian is in Fort Worth, Texas today. Here is what she had to say read more

Today's Lineup

08/15/12 01:24PM

Below find a lineup for today's show where we are discussing if Chelsea Clinton will enter the political ring, should we legalize marijuana, the Drought of 2012 and more. Be sure to tune in at 3pm. State of the Race: New York Times Political Correspondent, Nicholas Confessore, joins the conversation to discuss the political parties. Is this the best or worst of time for the Republicans and Democrats?Chelsea Clinton entering politics? read more

Today's guest spot: Doug Fine

Today's guest spot: Doug Fine

08/15/12 12:20PM

Author, Doug Fine, will be joining the conversation during today's guest spot to talk about his book Too High To Fail.Did you know that it is actually costing taxpayers to not legalize marijuana. read more

S.E. Cupp latest NY Daily News Article: Telling the truth about Medicare

08/15/12 09:00AM

With the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate, the inevitable focus is on Ryan’s policies.Specifically, the attacks will be directed at his budget plan, called “The Path to Prosperity,” and his laserlike focus on entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid.And it’s going to be ugly. If you thought throwing granny off a cliff was bad (and decidedly unsubtle), you haven’t seen anything yet. read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Yes, the Tea Party can lose

08/15/12 08:27AM

It can seem like every Tuesday that features a Republican primary ends with the same headline: Big win for the Tea Party!In some instances, the effect of this has been to saddle the GOP with a weak general election candidate, one whose far-right associations put the party at risk of losing a race it would otherwise be well-positioned to win. In many more instances, it hasn’t mattered from an electoral standpoint; there’s no such thing as too conservative in most Republican-friendly states and districts. read more

Chelsea Clinton reveals politics, kids, are a possibility

08/15/12 08:09AM

Chelsea Clinton says her father’s foundation work and her mother’s campaigns helped her embrace a political legacy that may eventually include a role for her in public office.In her most revealing interview to date, the former first daughter talks to Vogue about her marriage and possibly providing her mom with “the grandchildren she hopes to have.” She also describes how she gradually warmed to the idea of following her parents into politics.“Before my mom’s campaign I would have said no. read more

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Linda McMahon celebrates her in win in the Connecticut primary over Chris Shays in Stamford, Conn., Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012.

Results: Four states host Republican congressional primaries

08/14/12 11:24PM

Tonight was primary election night in four states: Florida, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Minnesota. Here's a quick rundown of the election results.In Florida, Connie Mack IV crushed a weak field of Republican opponents to become the Republican nominee for Senate. Mack—whose father, Connie Mack III, was also a Republican Florida Senator—will run against incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, who also easily won his primary tonight.In Connecticut, World Wrestling Federation co-founder Linda McMahon defeated veteran House member Chris Shays in the Republican Senate primary. read more