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Mile High Expectations

10/01/12 04:54PM

It’s October and that means debate season. After months of primaries, rallies, fundraisers, and campaign re-starts, in two days the candidates reveal their true colors during the Presidential debates. The first face-to-face encounter is Wednesday evening in Denver.  President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet at the University of Denver for a six... read more

#Photo Finish

#Photo Finish

10/01/12 04:50PM

The invention of Twitter back in the spring of 2006 caused a revolution, both cyber and colloquial. It created a new form of communication which would soon take over media, corporations, politics,  and social networking services. It has made a significant impact on the younger generation’s vernacular sparking debates over whether Twitter... read more

Best Colleges for our Country

Best Colleges for our Country

10/01/12 02:15PM

With the September unemployment rate being released this upcoming Friday one thing is clear -- more and more college students are graduating without jobs, and that means they are unable to pay off their student loans. According to a Pew Research Center report 1 in 5 households are effected by student debt. read more

The debate expectations

The debate expectations

10/01/12 12:23PM

Christopher Wlezien, author of The Timeline of Presidential Elections: How Campaigns Do (and Do Not) Matter joins the conversation during today's guest spot. Christopher Wlezien analyzes data from 2,000 national polls between 1952 and 2008 and concluded that a persons preferences become clear in the last six months of the campaign. So what... read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Scott Brown's dilemma

10/01/12 09:54AM

The political world is eagerly anticipating this Wednesday’s presidential debate, but first comes another crucial showdown: Tonight’s second televised encounter between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.The Massachusetts Senate race remains close, but the candidates have switched places in the past month, with Warren opening small leads in most... read more

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Good Call?

09/30/12 05:41PM

I'm not celebrating the return of the referees. Don't get me wrong - I'd rather have them working, and I'm glad to see them get over on the NFL. But I'm saddened by the notion that, "Now we can just go back to watching the games." read more


The Stop & Frisk Experience

09/28/12 05:52PM

"Excuse me sir, can I speak to you for a moment?" He takes me by the arm in a way that only a man carrying a gun can. Not exactly pushing you up against a wall, but certainly steering you towards it - checking your chest, waist, back for a weapon. "Do you live in this neighborhood? Oh, yeah?  Why don't you show me where you ... read more

Farewell, punching bags.

Good Call?

09/28/12 05:19PM

I'm not celebrating the return of the referees. Don't get me wrong - I'd rather have them working, and I'm glad to see them get over on the NFL. But I'm saddened by the notion that, "Now we can just go back to watching the games."The NFL is the behemoth of sports. It makes the most money, it has the most fans,... read more

Poll: Romney less favorable than George W. Bush

Poll: Romney less favorable than George W. Bush

09/28/12 02:37PM

 A new poll out this week by Bloomberg showed that Mitt Romney would lose a popularity contest to President George W. Bush, who was one of the most unpopular departing presidents in U.S. history when he left office four years ago.Forty-three of respondents to the Bloomberg poll viewed Romney favorably, compared to 46% who said they view Bush in... read more

Lithuania: The Other Dream Team

09/28/12 12:06PM

Marius Markevicius, the director of the documentary The Other Dream Team joins The Cycle table today to discuss his documentary that tells the story of the 1992 Lithuanian Olympic basketball team. The 1992 team did something no one thought was possible, they won the Olympic bronze medal. read more

Stop & Frisk Web Extra

09/28/12 11:38AM

Bill de Blasio explains why Stop & Frisk is personal to him. Check out the video and be sure to check out our Segment Producer, Nick Tuths, article about his Stop & Frisk experience.  read more

Running in Heels

Running in Heels

09/28/12 10:31AM

Lea Goldman Marie Claire's Features Director and author of Running in Heels, joins the conversation during today's guest spot. In the article Marie Claire discusses how 2012 is a record year for female candidates: 298 women filed to run for the House and 36 for the Senate. Her article highlights 11 female politicians to keep your eye... read more