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Countdown to the RNC

Countdown to the RNC

08/20/12 08:00PM

With just six days left until the Republican National Convention, Matt Miller breaks down the issues which will be covered in Tampa, Florida. watch

Chains vs Change

08/20/12 02:56PM

  The Cycle host Steve Kornacki sat down with Governor Deval Patrick and discussed the political campaign and the state of Washington, DC. Check out the full conversation from today's package.  read more

A trip to the Paul Tsongas Center

08/20/12 02:48PM

By Steve KornackiIf I’d been older, if I’d been smarter, if I’d ever actually watched a presidential campaign before, or if I’d been raised almost anywhere else in the country, I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention when Paul Tsongas decided to run for president.But this was the spring of 1991, I was in sixth grade, I’d just been bitten by the political bug (after playing the Democratic candidate in our class’s mock Massachusetts gubernatorial election the previous fall), and – most importantly – the Tsongas family home was only a few miles from mine. read more

Today's Cycle Lineup

08/20/12 01:34PM

Happy Monday! Be sure to check out the great lineup we have in store for today's show and tweet us during the show @thecyclemsnbc letting us know your thoughts. The Great Divide: A new study from the Washington Post & the Kaiser Family Foundation shows the divide between Republicans and Democrats has never been wider. Peyton Craighill joins the conversation to answer the question: is it to late to bridge the gap?Is Rep. Todd Akin out? Our Spin Cycle debates the hottest topics of today.Author Lynn Toler joins the table to discuss how to make your marriage work. read more

One-on-One with Governor Deval Patrick

08/20/12 10:56AM

Governor Deval Patrick sat down with our own Steve Kornacki over the break to talk about the presidential race, our government, his future and more. Be sure to tune in at 3pm for the full conversation.  read more

How to make marriage work

08/20/12 10:52AM

During today's guest spot Lynn Toler is joing the conversation to talk about her book, Making Marriage Work: New Rules For An Old Institution." Lynn Toler brings to the table her 22 years of marriage and her experience as a long-time judge on Divorce Court, a nationally syndicated TV show. read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Can Todd Akin still win?

08/20/12 08:53AM

The best measure of what an uphill reelection battle Claire McCaskill has faced this year is probably this: Her opponent’s matter-of-fact assertion in a television interview that most victims of “legitimate” rape are biologically incapable of getting pregnant from it probably elevates their race to toss-up status – at best.There’s been one independent poll taken since Todd Akin scored an upset victory in Missouri’s August 8 GOP Senate primary, and it put the six-term congressman 11 points ahead of McCaskill. read more

'Dual view from Rochina'. Emma Saloranta. June 2010. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo Finish: Despejo na Favela

08/19/12 09:00AM

 With the closing of the Olympics this past Sunday in London and looking forward to the games in 2016, I couldn't resist writing about a city and issue that I hold very close to my heart.This past week the New York Times published "In the Name of the Future, Rio is Destroying Its Past"  by Theresa Williamson and Mauricio Hora. This article touches upon the very real issues revolving around the upcoming 2016 games and the impact this mega event is having upon Rio's most notorious sections of the city, its favelas. Favelas, or shanty towns, are infamous for drugs, crime and sex (e.g. read more

Shark Week

08/17/12 04:45PM

This week is shark week on Discovery. Nearly 30 million people tune in every year to check out the Great White Breaching all week. read more