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Using Twitter to end the"truthiness"

10/04/12 09:55AM

 Per S.E.’s rant on Tuesday and yesterday's discussion on "insta-reactions," got me thinking about Twitter. It's clear that Twitter will play a role leading up to, during, and in the aftermath of tonight’s presidential debate. As Obama and Romney duke it out on stage, pundits, journalists, fact checkers and tweeters with... read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Just how bad is the damage?

10/04/12 09:32AM

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Barack Obama lost last night’s presidential debate. The question is how badly it will hurt him.Heading into last night, the president enjoyed a lead of 3.1 points in the Real Clear Politics polling average. The margin was roughly consistent with where the race has been since Romney secured the Republican... read more

Video Camera

Candid Camera

10/03/12 04:54PM

by Charles HitchinsTake a look at these three pictures.  What do they all have in common?    If you said they are all cameras you are correct!  Your smart phone, point and shoot, or video camera all capture images that will be with us for the remainder of time, if they end up on-line. Video's are resurfacing. A video of republican Vice... read more

Previewing tonight's Presidential debate

10/03/12 02:33PM

With tonight marking the 1st Presidential Debate at the University of Denver all political eyes will be on the TV, and social media, to see what President Obama and former Governor Romney have to say as they tackle the country's top issues. The 1.5 hour long debate will begin with President Obama but Mitt Romney has the last word as the two... read more

S.E. Cupp latest NY Daily News article: Ask the tough questions, Mitt

10/03/12 10:29AM

As both campaigns try their darndest to lower expectations in advance of Wednesday night’s first presidential debate, and the media sound a dire warning that the entire future of Mitt Romney’s campaign will rise and fall on this one performance, it’s worthwhile to pause on an obvious (if rarely mentioned) point: This debate should be a cakewalk... read more

Do you have a Twitter buddy?

Do you have a Twitter buddy?

10/03/12 10:19AM

There is nothing like watching an event live, with between 5 and 1,500 of your closest friends. Tonight, a large portion of your twitter feed will be tuned into the Presidential Debate - and honestly, you should be too. Now trust me, I understand that I'm speaking to a biased audience. If you're regularly - or even semi-regularly -... read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: And if Romney loses the debate?

10/03/12 09:18AM

Mitt Romney, we keep hearing, faces a do-or-die 90-minute test when he joins Barack Obama on-stage tonight. After all, he’s trailed the president in polling all year, save for a few days around the Republican convention when he managed to pull into a statistical tie, and time is running short.But the Denver debate holds at least the potential to... read more

Fight Night is 1 day away in Denver

Fight Night is 1 day away in Denver

10/02/12 05:15PM

Tomorrow marks the day that President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet up in Denver at the first Presidential debate for the 2012 general election. Prior to the candidates facing off we need to size them up to see who may be able to deliver that knockout punch and pullout ahead of the game.Each candidate brings certain strengths and weaknesses to... read more

Per S.E.:Debates can be fun

10/02/12 05:00PM

Tomorrow night, millions of Americans will tune in to watch the first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. And millions more will not.One look at your trusty TV Guide and it's easy to see why. Your favorite Wednesday night shows like Modern Family, The X Factor, and something called Law & Order are all pre-empted.But you&... read more

Guest Spot: Escape Fire

Guest Spot: Escape Fire

10/02/12 11:52AM

Director Matthew Heineman joins the conversation during today's guest spot to discuss his documentary Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare. In the Documentary Matthew discusses what the healthcare industry has become and more importantly how we can fix it through patience and industry leaders. read more


#Photo Finish

10/01/12 06:08PM

The invention of Twitter back in the spring of 2006 caused a revolution, both cyber and colloquial. It created a new form of communication which would soon take over media, corporations, politics,  and social networking services. It has made a significant impact on the younger generation’s vernacular sparking debates over whether Twitter... read more

Other than specifics, what else is there to say on foreign policy?

10/01/12 05:45PM

Call me crazy, but I think we all want to hear some specifics from Mitt Romney on foreign policy. On anything really, but let's take what we can get. And this morning as I opened my digital morning paper, I thought today would be that long-awaited day. Mitt Romney wrote in his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that there were three sinews to... read more