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The aftermath of the Empire State Building shooting

The aftermath of the Empire State Building shooting

08/24/12 04:33PM

In the heart of Midtown Manhattan a tragedy occurred right as the hustling Friday workday was beginning.Right outside the Empire State Building, police say Jeffrey Johnson, a disgruntled former employee opened fire.The suspect reportedly shot and killed a former co-worker outside the building then began walking away from the scene of the crime.As police closed in he opened fire on them resulting in the officers’ returned fire and killed the suspect.New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke earlier today and said this is the beginning of the investigation into what happened this morning. read more

Mayor Michael Bloomberg(C) and police commissioner Ray Kelly(R) hold a press conference after a shooting outside the Empire State Building on August 24.

Bloomberg: 'There's an awful lot of guns out there'

08/24/12 11:59AM

After a shooting Friday morning in midtown Manhattan that left two people dead, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an outspoken gun control advocate, said “there’s an awful lot of guns out there.”Although the city is “on track” to see a record low murder rate this year, the mayor said New York is “not immune to the national problem of gun violence” in this country.Just last night, the Chicago Tribune reported that 19 people were shot in the South and West side portions of the city Thursday evening into Friday morning.Bloomberg called on both political parties to tighten up the country's gu read more

Dexter Gardiner

The Gardiner Memorial Tournament, a True Bronx Tale

08/24/12 09:27AM

            You don’t know Dexter Gardiner, but you should be thankful for him. Every neighborhood has that one person who is completely, selflessly, and maybe even maniacally dedicated to their community. When I was growing up in my hometown, it was Sharon Bacon. When my mother was a child, I’m told it was her father - Babe Kennedy. Well in the Bronx, right now it’s Dexter Gardiner. And last weekend, I was lucky enough to be involved for my second go-around in his foundation’s main event, the Gardiner Family Foundation Memorial Classic. read more

Is the GOP anti-women?

Is the GOP anti-women?

08/23/12 08:00PM

Lea Goldman of Marie Claire, talks about the magazine’s latest issue which takes a look at how the GOP an try to court the women vote. watch

Are you a hero or bystander?

08/23/12 04:47PM

 If you saw someone in trouble would you jump in and help or would you be afraid? A new Wall Street Journal article by Sue Shellenbarger explores why some people rush in and why some people back off. According to her there are certain traits that determine who will try to save someone and who won’t. She even has a quiz to Measure your courage factor.Click here if you want to take the quiz and check out how the Cyclists scored below.  read more

Today's Cycle Lineup

08/23/12 01:51PM

It’s Thursday which means it is time for some political baseball. According to our calculations we have reached the bottom of the 5th, weather depending this is almost a complete game. But will storm Isaac create havoc on the Republican convention? We have full political updates plus more. Check out today’s lineup and tweet us during the show @thecyclemsnbc.Politico Congressional Reporter, Jake Sherman, joins the table for our political baseball conversation.Bryan Norcross, from The Weather Channel has up-to-date coverage of Storm IsaacLt. Col. read more

Ranking the Presidents

Ranking the Presidents

08/23/12 10:45AM

Author, Robert Merry, is joining the conversation during today's guest spot to discuss his book Where They Stand: The American Presidents in the Eyes of Voters and Historians. The book focuses on the history of the Presidents and ranks the nie great, or nealy great, President since 1948.Robert Merry argues that the President's shouldn't be judged by historians but by how the electorate viewed them while they were still in office. Below find an excerpt from his book and be sure to tune in at 3pm for the full conversation.Mark Twain once wrote, “It is difference of opinion that makes horse-races read more