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The democratic political baseball team

Political baseball: the Ohio provisional ballots edition

10/25/12 08:59PM

With 12 days until the election and only two more Thursdays until Nov. 6, we've reached the bottom of the 8th in our game of political baseball. The game is close, with the latest Real Clear Politics national poll average showing Romney up only 47.8% to Obama's 47.1%. That seven-tenths of a point means the race is a virtual tie. &... read more


CNN pulls 'findings' on the role of hormones in women's voting

10/25/12 05:37PM

Really, CNN? No, this is not some extension of an SNL Weekend Report segment. S.E. Cupp and Krystal Ball really want to know what went into the Cable News Network's decision to release a story entitled “Do Hormones Drive Women’s Votes?” The article has since been pulled from their website because “it was determined that some elements of the... read more


Krystal reveals her big news

10/25/12 04:37PM

About a year ago, my then-3-year-old and I sat down to have dinner. We chatted about baby animals, the fresh beat band, the usual. When conversation petered out Ella said: “Mama, let’s talk about something else.” Ok babe, what would you like to talk about? She quickly replied: Mitt Romney.... read more

Today on The Cycle: Back Spin of Polls

10/25/12 09:09AM

With 12 days until election day there are many polls out there trying to predict who will be the next president. While there are the Gallup, Real Clear Politics, NBC/Wall Street Journal and other big name polls, a few others take a more interesting look at the race. read more

battleground map

End the Electoral College

10/24/12 04:40PM

I am a sucker for traditions. Especially quirky traditions.  The running of the bulls, the green jacket in the Masters, that thing in Detroit where fans of the Red Wings throw octopuses—or is it octopi—on the ice during playoff games. Back where I grew up, in Massachusetts, there’s a group of old men who celebrate every New Year’s Day by putting... read more

Actor Clint Eastwood addresses an empty chair and questions it as if it is U.S. President Obama, as he endorses Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during the final session of the RNC. (Photo: REUTERS/Eric Thayer)

Eastwood is back on-script in new campaign ad

10/24/12 09:56AM

Legendary actor turned off-script political commentator Clint Eastwood is back sharing his two-cents on the presidential elections, but don't worry, this time he's not yelling at any empty chairs or any invisible presidents.... read more

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The final impressions from Monday night's debate

10/24/12 06:52AM

The numbers are in and 53.9 million people tuned in for the final presidential debate Monday night. Compared to the other debates where the 1st presidential debate at Denver drew the most viewers at  67.2 million and the 2nd presidential debate came in second with 65.6 million, this debate came in a distant third. However, when the debate... read more

Aspiring to be psychopaths

Aspiring to be psychopaths

10/23/12 08:00PM

Kevin Dutton, author of “The Wisdom of Psychopaths,” discusses the character traits of psychopaths, why it may not necessarily be a bad thing, and how even some of The Cycle hosts fit the bill. watch

The way-too-wacky world of voting

The way-too-wacky world of voting

10/23/12 08:00PM

CBS Sunday Morning’s Mo Rocca and Author of “Electoral Dysfunction,” Victoria Bassetti, discuss ballot design, voting hours, where to show up, and other confusing moments in the voting process. watch

Regional polling breakdown

Regional polling breakdown

10/23/12 08:00PM

Steve Kornacki wondered if the South was to blame for President Obama’s weak national poll numbers. But The New Republic’s Nate Cohn thinks otherwise – and explains why in this week’s Nate Spot. watch


Can both candidates win the debate?

10/23/12 05:56PM

From what we're seeing, it’s pretty clear that President Obama won last night’s debate. The CBS News instapoll showed Obama won 53% to 23%, The Fix declared it for Obama, and the New York Times Opinion Pages said Romney “often sounded completely lost” with “little coherent to say.” read more


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