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RNC kicked off last night

RNC kicked off last night

08/29/12 10:30AM

The Republican National Convention was in full swing yesterday as Ann Romney took the stage to talk about her loving and caring husband, Mitt.Then the key note speaker of the RNC, Chris Christie, took center stage. Governor Christie was supposed to give a hard sell for Mitt Romney during his speech but it took the NJ Governor 1,800 words before Mitt Romney’s name was even mentioned. So what was he really selling? read more

The 2012 Youth Vote

08/29/12 09:31AM is organizing a campaign urging young people to get out and vote. Larry David and Trey Songz are examples of some of the celebrities inspiring the younger generation.Did you know that the young demographic, those under 30, make up more than 40% of the U.S. read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: What Chris Christie didn't tell you

08/29/12 09:30AM

Chris Christie, who has previously spoken about the 2016 presidential race as if it’s a foregone conclusion that there will be no incumbent Republican running and that the GOP nomination will be wide open, delivered a keynote address Monday night that reeked of personal ambition.The praise he directed toward Mitt Romney seemed perfunctory and almost incidental, with the heart of Christie’s speech devoted to extolling his own achievements in New Jersey. read more

Encouraging the younger generation to vote

08/28/12 10:36AM

Our young gun, Matthew Segal, Co-Founder & President of Our Time is joining the conversation live from the RNC to discuss the status of the youth vote. In 2008, the younger generation was enthusiastic and energetic about going out and voting for Presidnet Obama but since 2008 is there now a gap? And what is the GOP's pitch to the younger generation? In order to spread the word Our Time is releasing videos with celebrities on Why You Should Vote sending people to their website to register. Last week we posted the Larry David video and below check out the Trey Songz video.   read more

Chris Christie key note speach

08/28/12 09:56AM

After Krystal and Steve appeared on The Last Word yesterday they continued the conversation about Chris Christie, discussing whether or not his keynote speech will be as exciting as it's expected to be.  read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: How to be honest about abortion

08/28/12 09:38AM

When he takes the stage in Tampa tonight, Chris Christie will receive a warmer welcome than the last New Jersey governor to deliver the keynote address at a Republican convention. That would be Tom Kean, the aristocratic exponent of the “politics of inclusion,” whose speech to the party’s New Orleans gathering was interrupted by taunts from anti-abortion delegates.Opposition to legal abortion is even more widespread in the GOP today than it was then, thanks to a quarter-century influx of conservative evangelicals and a corresponding exodus of cultural moderates. read more

The Gardiner Memorial Tournament, a True Bronx Tale

08/27/12 05:08PM

You don’t know Dexter Gardiner, but you should be thankful for him. Every neighborhood has that one person who is completely, selflessly, and maybe even maniacally dedicated to their community. When I was growing up in my hometown, it was Sharon Bacon. When my mother was a child, I’m told it was her father - Babe Kennedy. Well in the Bronx, right now it’s Dexter Gardiner. And last weekend, I was lucky enough to be involved for my second go-around in his foundation’s main event, the Gardiner Family Foundation Memorial Classic. read more

Krystal learns to make pottery

08/27/12 02:23PM

During Krystal's trip to East Liverpool, OH she went to the Homer Laughlin China Company, one of 2 pottery factories left in East Liverpool, OH.While walking through Homer Laughlin Krystal  learned how to make pottery. read more

Krystal Ball Web Extra: The American Dream

08/27/12 02:19PM

 East Liverpool, OH is an example of one of the many small mid-west towns in America. A town that used to have 200 pottery manufacturers now only has 2 due to the other companies moving their plants to China. Krystal spoke to the local town historian and owner of the funeral home, Frank Dawson, and asked him if he thought the American Dream was still alive. Check out what he had to say.  read more

Today's Lineup

08/27/12 01:00PM

Happy Monday! S.E. Cupp is live in Tampa with full coverage of the Republican National Convention to give us a first hand look at what is happening down there from the storm, to the new RNC schedule, and when we should expect Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney to arrive.RNC Convention: We will have a full convention preview from The Cycle host S.E. read more

Guest Spot: Joan Walsh

08/27/12 11:21AM

Today's guest spot features Author of What's the Matter with White People? and Editor-at-Large, Joan Walsh. Her book discusses the question: What do we need to do as a country to ensure equal opportunities, regardless of race? Below find an excerpt of her book and be sure to tune in at 3pm for the full conversationReprinted by permission of the publisher, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., from What’s The Matter with White People, by Joan Walsh.  Copyright © 2012 by Joan Walsh.Paul Ryan and the GOP’s New “Dog Whistle Politics” I have a problem with liberals who dismiss the white working class read more