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The Good Girls Revolt

The Good Girls Revolt

09/20/12 10:54AM

Lynn Povich, author of The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued Their Bosses and Changed the Workplace, joins The Cycle today to discuss her book. Lynn recaps how along with 45 of her female colleagues they secretly banded together and filed a discrmination complaint, the same day as Newsweek, ran a cover story on the feminist movement. read more

Mitt Romney's mess

Mitt Romney's mess

09/20/12 09:58AM

So by now, everyone has seen the hidden camera "gotcha media" tape of Mitt Romney. For the last 48 hours, I've heard and seen people divide 47 in just about every way imaginable (imagination being the only place you can actually divide 47 - math jokes!).Oh, to be one of the lucky people from the bless-ed 47% cruising blissfully along on the government's dime!  The luxury of making forty, or thirty, or twenty thousand dollars a year for a family of five! Or a family on welfare, who must be feeding the family pets truffles and the finest cuts of fillet mignon with their food stamps. read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Mitt can't ignore the 47 percent

09/20/12 09:32AM

Mitt Romney is hardly getting blown out in the presidential late, but Republicans seem to be weighing the possibility that he’s becoming a drag on their chances in some key down-ballot races.Romney has consistently trailed President Obama by several points in national polling, and the fallout from his secretly recorded “47 percent” comments that surfaced this week could worsen that deficit. In swing states and Democratic-friendly states, the comment has put Republican Senate candidates in a particularly tough spot. read more

Impact of the Rooney Rule

09/19/12 04:52PM

Jeremi Duru, author of the book "Advancing the Ball," talks about race in the NFL and why, in a league of 32 teams, only 5 of them are headed by black coaches and only 5 teams have black athletes in the QB spot. read more

Romney's 47% attack is 'gospel on the right'

09/19/12 03:04PM

COMMENTARYWhen the video of Mitt Romney uttering his now infamous assertion that 47 percent of the American public pays no federal income tax, is "dependent on government," and is certain to vote for his opponent, many liberals were taken aback. "Shocking" was the favored response. But anyone who closely follows politics should not have been surprised. A look at recent history shows that for a while now, many prominent conservatives have been insulting those who do not pay income taxes and fretting that they 'll vote the country into debt-financed oblivion. read more

The Cycle Lineup

09/19/12 12:27PM

The political race is on. With 48 days until election day it is all hands on deck for both the Romney and Obama campaigns. We will be dissecting the campaigns during the show including looking at Romney’s comment during that private fundraiser in May and the repercussions it has on the election. Be sure to tune in at 3pm and don’t forget to tweet us during the show @thecyclemsnbc.Roll Call’s  Associate Politics Editor, David Drucker, joins the conversation to discuss the fallout from the Romney hidden video as both candidates hit the campaign trail this week.Who are the Independent Voters? read more

S.E. Cupp latest NY Daily News article:Romney only said what Obama always says: That Democrats are victims

09/19/12 10:30AM

It makes perfect sense, really.I get why President Obama’s campaign spokespeople say they are “shocked” by Mitt Romney’s assertion that 47% of the electorate see themselves as victims, want handouts and think they are entitled to government money. I understand why liberals find the comments, made at a secretly filmed, closed-door meeting with big-money donors, offensive. And it’s very clear why the media is seizing on Romney’s words as . . . cue scary music. . . read more

Advancing the Ball

Advancing the Ball

09/19/12 10:26AM

N. Jeremi Duru, author of Advancing the Ball: Race, Reformation, and the Quest for Equal Coaching Opportunity in the NFL, joins the conversation during today's show. His book discusses the reform the NFL has undergone to having 5 African-American head coaches in the NFL compared to a few years ago when there were none. Be sure to check out the full conversation with N. Jeremi Duru at 3:40pm today and check out the below excerpt from his book."Reprinted from Advancing the Ball: Race, Reformation and the Quest for Equal Coaching Opportunity in the NFL by N. read more

Steve Kornacki latest article: The danger of writing off Mitt

09/19/12 09:24AM

It’s come to this for Mitt Romney: As the public chastisements from his own party pile up, his best, and maybe only, source of inspiration left can be found in the story of a Democrat that Republicans love to hate.That would be John Kerry, who eight years ago to the day found himself in political hole rather similar to the one Romney now faces – and who managed to climb out of it and nearly win the election.In a way, the 2004 race was a mirror image of this one. George W. Bush’s approval rating was low enough to make him vulnerable to a challenge, but not so low that defeat was automatic. read more

Where the undecided voters are

Where the undecided voters are

09/18/12 08:00PM

Poll numbers from an NBC-WSJ poll show that 12 percent of voters are still “up for grabs.” But what’s stopping these undecided voters from picking Mitt Romney in 2012?  That’s the question on today’s Spin Cycle. watch

Drucker: Can Mitt Romney get out of his...

Drucker: Can Mitt Romney get out of his own way?

09/18/12 08:00PM

Roll Call editor David Drucker joins the Cycle to talk about the fallout from Mitt Romney’s now-infamous hidden camera incident and why he’s ‘unconvinced’ that this ‘inelegant remark’ will move the race much in either direction. watch