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E.g., 10/24/2014

Per S.E.: Feelings on the U.N.

09/25/12 04:30PM

In the 1930s an aspiring comedian named Henny Youngman took his wife to the theater. He asked the usher to escort her to a seat, there was a brief misunderstanding, and a famous joke was created. read more

Retired Detective Dennis Jones with Toure

The Stop & Frisk Experience

09/25/12 04:19PM

"Excuse me sir, can I speak to you for a moment?"He takes me by the arm in a way that only a man carrying a gun can. Not exactly pushing you up against a wall, but certainly steering you towards it - checking your chest, waist, back for a weapon. "Do you live in this neighborhood? Oh, yeah?  Why don't you show me where you live? We'll go there right now."It's not a threat, but it's meant to sound like one. I'm doing a run-through before Touré arrives on our shoot in Brooklyn. read more

Political Football

Political Football

09/25/12 04:00PM

Since the start of the Football season fans and commentators have been wondering when the NFL Referees will reach an agreement to get back on the field and how much this will cost them. It started as an annoyance and has now reached a full blown controversy with thousands or even millions of people losing money by the blown call at the end of last night’s Packers-Seahawks game. In case you haven’t heard the referees ruled that a hail mary pass by Russell Wilson that was intended for Golden Tate, but was actually intercepted by M.D. Jennings was ruled a touchdown, and not an interception. read more

Deepak examines our evolving faith

Deepak examines our evolving faith

09/25/12 01:45PM

Deepak Chopra author of God: A Story of Revelation, is joining the conversation today to discuss his new book and a new documentary called Decoding Deepak, which is about spiritual guru Deepak Chopra. The documentary will be in theaters October 5th.  By using lives of historical prophets and martyrs to reveal what they have in common, which is being touched by a divine power, Deepak’s book explores the age old mystery surrounding the “higher power”. read more

The battle for Ohio

09/25/12 11:41AM

With 42 days until the election and 7 days until the first debate the news networks are gearing up for what is sure to be a battle to the finish. To add to the pressure of winning an election is the fact that no Republican has won the Oval Office without winning Ohio, and no Democrat has done it since JFK in 1960. Thus, President Obama and Romney are full force ahead when it comes to the battleground state of Ohio, which according to latest polls has President Obama ahead by a small margin. read more

Airline to offer baby-free 'quiet zone'

09/25/12 11:31AM

Fliers eager to sit as far away as possible from crying babies and boisterous kids on planes are getting a new option to do just that in one part of the world.AirAsia, a low-cost airline in Southeast Asia with hubs in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, has begun advertising a “Quiet Zone” that will be offered on its long haul flights starting this February.The carrier will reserve the first seven economy class rows “exclusively for guests age 12 and above,” the company says on its website. read more

Obama: US will 'do what we must' to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons

09/25/12 06:01AM

Updated at 12:05 p.m. ET: Barack Obama told the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday that the United States will "do what we must" to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.The president also used the high-profile event to commemorate late Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was slain with three other Americans when the U.S. consulate in Bengazi, Libya, came under attack Sept. read more

Should the Romney campaign let Ryan shine?

Should the Romney campaign let Ryan shine?

09/24/12 04:42PM

The Road to the White House seems to begin and end with Ohio. No Republican has ever won the Oval office without winning Ohio, and no Democrat has accomplished this since JFK won in 1960. Thus, it has become clear that both President Obama and Mitt Romney believe they need the 18 electoral votes Ohio has in order to lead our country for the next 4 years. According to the latest polls the President is up 51% to Romney who is at 46%.Paul Ryan launched 3 day, 5 city bus tour across Ohio today with Mitt Romney joining him there tomorrow. read more

How can we close the Education Gap

How can we close the Education Gap

09/24/12 02:24PM

With the road to White House at 43 days both candidates are laying out their policies on the economy, foreign policy, and not to be forgotten education. Paul Tough author of, How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character, joins the conversation in today’s guest spot. Paul Tough’s book discusses that IQ isn’t the most important thing you have to worry about as you mold your child for success. read more

Mocking the 'undecided voter'

09/24/12 01:50PM

Over the weekend, both Real Time with Bill Maher and Saturday Night Live made fun of the "undecided voter," as well as the media for giving them too much importance.Maher said that if a voter doesn't know who they're voting for, they're probably better off staying home on Nov. read more