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The unemployment number is below 8%

10/05/12 12:56PM

The verdict is in. President Obama’s debate performance was a bust. There is no other way to look at it, Mitt Romney won and President Obama lost. However, what many expected to be a poor jobs report Friday turned into a stronger one than expected. Unemployment fell to 7.8%, the lowest in four years and matching what it was when Obama took office.  That number fell despite the economy adding a net gain of only 114,000 jobs.  For a little perspective, we need to add 357,000 jobs each month over the next three years to bring the rate to a healthy 6%. read more

The next Oscar winner? Maybe not...

The next Oscar winner? Maybe not...

10/05/12 10:29AM

After listening to everyone pre-heap praise on The Master, and sitting through a rant of Touré extolling its many virtues... I knew I was going to see it. After all, "It's going to be nominated for a bunch of Oscars." A seminal film, with performances of a lifetime - they told me. Just wait 'til you see Philip Seymour Hoffman! Joaquin Phoenix is amazing! Amy Adams like you've never seen her before!How could I not go see it? I considered paying $20 for the ticket, just to show them I appreciated the opportunity!Well let me tell you, I did go see it. And I want $50 back. Touré!  Touré! read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: No, "moderate Mitt" isn't back

10/05/12 09:55AM

The news overnight was that Mitt Romney had decided to do a mea culpa for the secretly recorded “47 percent” remarks that rocked his campaign a few weeks ago, calling them “just completely wrong” in an interview with Sean Hannity.This came 24 hours after a debate in which Romney labored to present himself as more of a pragmatist than an ideologue, objecting insistently when President Obama tried to link him to conservative economic ideas that would threaten the safety net. read more

The Spin Room

10/04/12 06:32PM

The political world is on fire today breaking down every aspect of last night's debate performances. Pundits must be getting dizzy from all the spin. But is it the spin that matters most? Is it what candidates say or what pundits say the candidates say that really matters?  We'll see as the week plays out. So far both the DNC and RNC are out with videos spinning the debates. President Obama is back on the trail today with the charisma and zing many supporters had hoped to hear from him last night. read more

Romney wins the debate but can he follow through?

Romney wins the debate but can he follow through?

10/04/12 05:48PM

There is no question about it. Mitt Romney is the clear winner of last night’s debate. All of the Cyclists, and snap polls, agreed as they watched Romney triumph over President Obama. Throughout the evening social media was going crazy as trends were occurring on Twitter and top mentions were happening on Facebook as we entered the first true Social Media Presidential Debate where everything everyone said was documented immediately.However, the question we need to ask ourselves moving forward is whether this will change the race. read more

Why is Lincoln so hot?

Why is Lincoln so hot?

10/04/12 05:44PM

The 1st real debate was between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglass where the two were vying for the Illinois State Senate seat in 1858. Abraham Lincoln actually lost that debate, and race, but it launched Lincoln into national exposure and helped him go on to become one of America's greatest Presidents, as referenced by President Obama last night. Executive Editor of the Huffington Post, Timothy O'Brien, joined the Cyclists today to discuss his new historical thriller, The Lincoln Conspiracy. read more

Dan Rather picks apart Obama's puzzling performance

10/04/12 02:55PM

The legendary Dan Rather joined NOW w/ Alex Wagner, and he didn’t pull any punches talking about the president’s performance in last night’s debate in Denver. The host of Dan Rather Reports called it “very curious” and “very puzzling.” But he wasn’t alone in his confusion. It seemed to echo, though to a lesser degree in terms of passion, the cries of msnbc’s Chris Matthews in the immediate aftermath of the debate.All of the expectation for an Obama victory was not without substantiation. read more

Using Twitter to end the"truthiness"

10/04/12 09:55AM

 Per S.E.’s rant on Tuesday and yesterday's discussion on "insta-reactions," got me thinking about Twitter. It's clear that Twitter will play a role leading up to, during, and in the aftermath of tonight’s presidential debate. As Obama and Romney duke it out on stage, pundits, journalists, fact checkers and tweeters with allegiances to both sides will be fighting it out online in 140 characters or less. But aside from it's amazing ability to make even the smartest people speak in hashtag (#guilty), the social media site does serve a higher purpose. As S.E. read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Just how bad is the damage?

10/04/12 09:32AM

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Barack Obama lost last night’s presidential debate. The question is how badly it will hurt him.Heading into last night, the president enjoyed a lead of 3.1 points in the Real Clear Politics polling average. The margin was roughly consistent with where the race has been since Romney secured the Republican nomination in the spring, but it did reflect a slight tightening over the past week. read more

Video Camera

Candid Camera

10/03/12 04:54PM

by Charles HitchinsTake a look at these three pictures.  What do they all have in common?    If you said they are all cameras you are correct!  Your smart phone, point and shoot, or video camera all capture images that will be with us for the remainder of time, if they end up on-line. Video's are resurfacing. A video of republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has appeared where he claims 30 percent of America wants a welfare state. His running mate, governor Mitt Romney famously had his own video problems with his 47 percent hidden video comment. read more

Previewing tonight's Presidential debate

10/03/12 02:33PM

With tonight marking the 1st Presidential Debate at the University of Denver all political eyes will be on the TV, and social media, to see what President Obama and former Governor Romney have to say as they tackle the country's top issues. The 1.5 hour long debate will begin with President Obama but Mitt Romney has the last word as the two of them discuss the economy, health care, and the role of the government.We asked our Cyclists, S.E. and Krystal, what they expect to come out of tonight's match-up and here is what they had to say. read more

S.E. Cupp latest NY Daily News article: Ask the tough questions, Mitt

10/03/12 10:29AM

As both campaigns try their darndest to lower expectations in advance of Wednesday night’s first presidential debate, and the media sound a dire warning that the entire future of Mitt Romney’s campaign will rise and fall on this one performance, it’s worthwhile to pause on an obvious (if rarely mentioned) point: This debate should be a cakewalk for Romney.Finally, after a year that has seen President Obama’s supporters in the media whitewash his record and, for the most part, neglect to ask him tough questions about his many failed promises, Romney will get the chance to press the President wh read more

Do you have a Twitter buddy?

Do you have a Twitter buddy?

10/03/12 10:19AM

There is nothing like watching an event live, with between 5 and 1,500 of your closest friends. Tonight, a large portion of your twitter feed will be tuned into the Presidential Debate - and honestly, you should be too. Now trust me, I understand that I'm speaking to a biased audience. If you're regularly - or even semi-regularly - checking The Cycle's website, I probably don't have to do much to get you to watch a political debate. It seems you're seeking it out on your own, via our TV show. But yesterday, S.E. read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: And if Romney loses the debate?

10/03/12 09:18AM

Mitt Romney, we keep hearing, faces a do-or-die 90-minute test when he joins Barack Obama on-stage tonight. After all, he’s trailed the president in polling all year, save for a few days around the Republican convention when he managed to pull into a statistical tie, and time is running short.But the Denver debate holds at least the potential to function as one big reset button for Romney. read more