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Guest Spot: The Victory Lab

Guest Spot: The Victory Lab

09/11/12 10:43AM

Author Sasha Issenberg joins the conversation in today's guest spot to discuss his book The Victory Lab: The Secret Success of Winning Campaigns. The book focuses on the secret science of winning campaigns and he examinies the tactics and stratgies both President Obama and Mitt Romney are using throughout the Presidential race.Be sure to tune in at 3pm for the full conversation.  read more

Steve Kornacki latest article: Mitt's specificity problem

09/11/12 09:32AM

Democrats have long been making an issue of the lack of specificity in Mitt Romney’s policy pronouncements. This has caused the GOP nominee his share of headaches, most notably with Democrats happily filling in the blanks on what would be required to prevent Romney’s tax plan from blowing a hole in the budget, but his campaign has always expected to be attacked by the other side. read more

The political home stretch

09/10/12 04:56PM

Both conventions have officially come to a close so it is now time for The Cycle to put their entire focus on the  next 8 weeks until election day.After the Democratic National Convention President Obama received a big bump in the polls. President Obama is at a 50% approval rating and up 5 points since prior to the DNC. According the latest Gallup Daily Tracking poll President Obama is at 49% and Mitt Romney is at 44%. The last time he had a 5 point margin over Mitt Romney was July 1, making this bump a huge gain for President Obama. read more

The Cycle Lineup

09/10/12 02:02PM

With only 8 weeks to election day and the RNC and DNC officially coming to a close the political race is starting to heat up. We have a political packed show and want to hear from you. Be sure to tweet us @thecyclemsnbc or use #thecyclemsnbc in your tweets.What is the state of the race? read more

Guest Spot: What it takes to win

Guest Spot: What it takes to win

09/10/12 11:10AM

Samuel Popkin author of, The Candidate: What it Takes to Win-and Hold- the White House, will be joining The Cycle team in today's guest spot. According to Samuel Popkin there are two winner in every presidential election campaign: the innevtibale winner when the race begins and the innevitable victor when everything is over.So what lessons can we learn for the 2012 Presidential race? Tune in at 3pm to find out what Samuel Popkin has to say. read more

Op Ed: dividing to conquer

09/10/12 09:16AM

If there’s one thing that became even more evident after watching the last two weeks of convention coverage, it’s that rhetoric surrounding health care and hot-button social issues is more polarizing than ever.  With the exception of President Bill Clinton and Condoleezza Rice, the bulk of speakers at both the RNC and DNC played heavily to the base of the parties while virtually ignoring moderates and independents.If you side with Republican talking points, then you might believe that “Obamacare” is an affront to our civil liberties, a complete government takeover of health care, socialized me read more