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Can both candidates win the debate?

10/23/12 05:56PM

From what we're seeing, it’s pretty clear that President Obama won last night’s debate. The CBS News instapoll showed Obama won 53% to 23%, The Fix declared it for Obama, and the New York Times Opinion Pages said Romney “often sounded completely lost” with “little coherent to say.” read more

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama answer a question during the third presidential debate at Lynn University, Monday, Oct. 22, 2012, in Boca Raton, Fla. (AP Photo/Pool-Win McNamee)

Per S.E.: Undecided voters, 'this is your wake up call'

10/23/12 05:10PM

I've been told that when SNL lampoons you, you've finally made it. Or, maybe that's just what helps me sleep at night. But the other possibility is that you are simply so ripe for mockery, and your mere existence is so absurd, that SNL cannot ignore you any longer. Undecided voters, I'm talking to you. Take a good, hard look in the mirror, because this is your wake up call. You are officially out of excuses. The debates are all wrapped up and with two weeks left, it's time to make up your minds. read more

A U.S. Marine Corps recruit receives bayonet instruction at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island, S.C. in January 2011. (Photo: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

Horses and bayonets emerge as latest debate meme

10/23/12 11:52AM

As both candidates entered the stage Monday evening it was clear they were ready to fight. Similar to last Tuesday’s debate, President Obama and Gov. Romney were ready for the final battle that focused on foreign policy. Moderator Bob Schieffer of CBS News successfully moved the debate, although he did at times let it sway away from foreign policy into domestic issues. President Obama issued a constant attack against Romney’s shifting foreign policy attitude. read more

Republican president candidate former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama meet at the end of the last debate at Lynn University, Monday, Oct. 22, 2012, in Boca Raton, Fla. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Today on The Cycle: Miller Time

10/23/12 09:43AM

We are 14 days out until election day and both candidates are back on the trail today after last night’s presidential debate. President Obama is in the battleground states of Florida and Ohio while Governor Romney will be in battleground Nevada then Colorado trying to rev up supporters to cast their vote. The snap polls after last night’s debate are split. CNN snap poll is giving the President a slight advantage, saying the president won the debate by 48 percent to Romney’s 40 percent. read more

President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, participate in the presidential debate on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012, at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Will sports fans watch the debate?

10/22/12 07:36PM

As the candidates gear up for their last face-to-face encounter of the 2012 presidential race, the question circulating the water cooler today is, what will you be watching tonight? As NBC Correspondent Luke Russert pointed out on today’s show, the presidential debate is competing with two sporting events bound to attract national attention. The St. Louis Cardinals are battling the San Francisco Giants in a win-or-die game seven, as the winner moves on to the World Series. Meanwhile in football, the Lions face the Bears in an NFC North showdown. read more

Down to the wire

10/22/12 12:32PM

Monday night marks the third and final presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney. The season finale of debates takes place at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fl. The debate format is similar to that of the first debate: It will be broken up into six sections, giving each candidates a two minute response time followed by a discussion. Also, unlike during the town hall debate, each candidate will be given two minutes for closing remarks. The focus of this debate will be purely on foreign policy. read more


Today on The Cycle: Gas Guzzlers Beware

10/22/12 11:45AM

Gas prices are on the decline. Over the course of the past 2 weeks gas prices have gone down 8.5 cents showing that the price of a gallon has dropped to nearly $3, but still remains a quarter more expensive than it was last year. Forecasters are expecting the price of gas to continue dropping through election day. So will this news help or hurt President Obama come November 6th? On today’s show, Jeff Rubin, Author of The Big Flatline: Oil and the No-Growth Economy joins the conversation to discuss how the decline in gas prices may not be all good news. read more


Today on The Cycle: The Rise of the Super Rich

10/22/12 08:19AM

With tonight marking the third, and final, presidential debate, the income inequality gap question comes into play. According to the Census Bureau, income rose 4.9% between 2010 and 2011 for the top 5%, while it fell for the middle class and held steady for the poor. Thus, what are the Presidential candidates proposing to address this problem? President Obama wants to extend the Bush tax cuts for all those earning $250,000 and higher, while imposing the Buffett rule, a 30% minimum tax on earning of $1 million and more. read more


The magic number is 270

10/19/12 04:54PM

With only 18 days left in the presidential election, both candidates are down to the wire and are on the road getting their message out. On Thursday night, both President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney were at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City. It's a traditional campaign stop that allows each candidate to crack a few jokes and show a more humorous side than what they may show on the campaign trail. It gives them a personal touch that will hopefully help them as we enter the home stretch of this presidential race. 
 read more

Tom Brokaw joins The Cycle to help deliver the news.

Is what we do 'good'?

10/19/12 11:43AM

The other night, I was with a co-worker batting around ideas about our future. We were talking about our shows, and our day-to-day responsibilities. We were blowing off steam,  and plotting our big move, and trying to figure out what we wanted to do, where we wanted to go, who we wanted to be. He talked to me about the way his show works, I talked about the way my show works. He talked about about the way his show doesn't work, and I talked about the way my show doesn't work. read more

President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, participate in the presidential debate, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012, at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Political baseball: the battleground states edition

10/18/12 08:43PM

As our regulars know, Thursday on The Cycle means it's time for some political baseball. With our rain delay lifted and our football referees back at work, we've reached the eighth inning of our political baseball game, and it's certainly a close one. As we volley back and forth on what type of election this has evolved into, one thing is clear: it's a tight race. According to the latest Gallup daily tracking numbers, the polls show Governor Romney at 52% and President Obama at 45% among likely voters. Could be anyone's game! read more