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Dueling fiscal cliff proposals

Dueling fiscal cliff proposals

12/04/12 07:00PM

The Cycle hosts, NBC’s Luke Russert, and Henry Blodget of Business Insider discuss the current fiscal follies, and the back and forth of deals between Republicans and the White House. watch

se cupp duck dynasty

S.E. Cupp travels to Duck Dynasty

12/04/12 04:47PM

The story of Duck Dynasty is so much more than a story about duck hunting. The Robertsons are an oasis of hope in a vast desert of depravity. The American family as depicted on television is unrecognizable to many of us. Whether it's the raunchy, drunken idiots of the Jersey Shore, the sad exploitation of Honey Boo Boo or the gaudy materialism of the Real Housewives, very few families on television today are people you'd want your children around for more than a few minutes. read more

se cupp duck dynasty

Today on The Cycle: S.E. Cupp meets Duck Dynasty

12/04/12 01:34PM

The beards are back!  Last week S.E. traveled down to West Monroe, Louisiana to visit with one of her favorite television shows: Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty, which airs on A&E Wednesday at 10/9 central is a show about the Robertson's, a Louisiana family living their American dream. While operating a thriving business of fabricating top of the line duck calls, they still stay true to their core family values and lifestyle. read more

God is Alive and Well

Today on The Cycle: Future of Religion in America

12/04/12 08:35AM

Frank Newport, Gallup Editor-In-Chief, joins the conversation during today’s guest spot to discuss his new book  God is Alive and Well: The Future of Religion in America. His book is based on more than a million interviews over the past four years showing how baby boomers are more likely to become religious as they age; even though they may not believe in the institution of religion. read more

Photo: AP/Seth Perlman

2012 Election tops Yahoo's most searched in 2012 list

12/03/12 05:49PM

The Yahoo Top Searches of 2012 list left politicos like Steve Kornacki feeling "humbled and proud as an American" when he saw that the 2012 election was in the #1 spot. Of course, that feeling faded once "The Gummy Bear Song" came in at #10. Clearly there was a wide range of things that caught Americans attention this year. But Yahoo Web Life Editor Heather Cabot told The Cycle hosts that it was "unusual for a news story" to top the list and that, in fact, it was only the third time in the twelve years that the Internet site has created the list that a news story found itself at the top. read more

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Guilty till proven innocent: The Central Park jogger case

12/03/12 04:50PM

When Franz Kafka wrote The Trial, he could have been talking about black men and the American criminal justice system. The sense that we enter a bizarre system where we are guilty until proven innocent pulses through Central Park 5, the heartbreaking new documentary by Ken Burns about the Central Park jogger case that riveted New York and most of America in 1989 and 1990. In 1989, a 29-year-old white woman who worked on Wall Street was found raped and beaten savagely. It appeared unlikely that she'd survive. The city wanted blood. read more

Protestors sit outside the Walmart store Friday Nov. 23, 2012 in Paramount, Calif. Wal-Mart employees and union supporters are taking part in today's nationwide demonstration for better pay and benefits A union-backed group called OUR Walmart, which...

Another fiscal cliff looms for low-wage workers

12/03/12 12:48PM

While lawmakers in Washington continue to spar over tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of the country, there’s been a parallel awakening in America’s low-wage labor force. Millions of American workers struggling to get by on minimum wage (or slightly above) have been teetering on the edge of their own fiscal cliff for decades—and some say they aren't going to take it anymore. read more

How To Create A Mind: The Secreate of Human Thought Revealed

Today on The Cycle: A beautiful mind

12/03/12 08:43AM

We’re going a bit Sci-Fi today. Author Ray Kruzweil joins The Cycle to discuss his book How To Create A Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed. The book focuses on reverse engineering the human brain.  The futuristic idea starts by mapping out every spec of the human brain and ends with designing a machine to replicate, and ultimately replace it.  Think of it as artificial intelligence on steroids. Ray Kruzweil is a controversial futurist whose work examines emotional and moral intelligence as well as the radical possibilities of merging humans with the technology we create. read more

The White House in Washington is decorated with a red ribbon to commemorate World Aids Day, Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Photo Finish: World AIDS Day

12/01/12 02:47PM

With today marking the 25th anniversary of World AIDS day, it is a time for us all to continue the fight to find a cure for this horrific disease that is affecting thousands throughout the world. The Obama administration marked the anniversary with a tone of optimism that we are on our way to finding a cure. "We have made great strides in combating this disease, and an AIDS-free generation is within sight,” President Obama said in a statement.
 read more

House takes on immigration reform with...

House takes on immigration reform with STEM Act

11/30/12 07:00PM

The Cycle hosts with guest host Jonathan Capehart, discuss the House’s passage of the STEM Act - an immigration reform bill that its authors are saying also doubles as a jobs package – then talk to one of the men who introduced the bill, Rep. Raul... watch