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Inside the Sydney siege

Inside the Sydney siege

12/15/14 03:00PM

Courtney Subramanian, Michael Kay, Jim Cavanaugh and Dan O’Shea talk about what prompted the hostage stand-off in Sydney to end in a firefight and if there has been a rise in extremism in Australia. watch

After hack, can Sony survive its PR...

After hack, can Sony survive its PR nightmare?

12/12/14 03:24PM

The Sony pictures hacking scandal included the release of emails from top executives criticizing Hollywood's biggest stars and President Obama. Danielle Keats Citron discusses the PR nightmare and the dangers of cyber attacks. watch

The Power of the Entertainer-in-Chief

12/12/14 02:26PM

In a strategy reflective of his decision to appear on Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns to promote the Affordable Care Act, and to rap the news with Jimmy Fallon to advocate for his student loan policies, Obama again showed his ability to flourish in his role as “Entertainer-in-Chief.” read more

More fallout from UVA scandal

More fallout from UVA scandal

12/11/14 03:33PM

Three students who were with “Jackie” immediately following the alleged attack told The Washington Post that they weren’t ambivalent to her at all as claimed in the Rolling Stone story, instead they pleaded with her to get help. Lauren Ware joins The... watch

The Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house is seen on the University of Virginia campus on Dec. 6, 2014 in Charlottesville, Va. (Photo by Jay Paul/Getty)

Do we cover rape more when we think women lie?

12/11/14 03:02PM

Sexism in media gives women one more reason to stay silent. Which story is more important to you: A woman alleging that she is the victim of a gang rape at a prestigious university? Or the fact that the reporter covering that story failed by any journalistic standard? read more

Will there be accountability for CIA torture?

Will there be accountability for CIA torture?

12/10/14 02:59PM

The Washington Post’s Greg Miller and Fred Burton, vice president of Intelligence at Stratfor, discuss what kind of impact the Senate’s torture report will have on the CIA and whether there will be legal accountability for torture interrogation methods. watch


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