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Discovery's series: How Booze Built America

09/18/12 11:57AM

You know him from Dirty Jobs but today, Mike Rowe joins the table during today’s show to discuss Discovery’s new three-part series that premiers Wednesday evening. Mike crisscrossed the country to help make the case that alcohol is clear ingredient that helped shape the country.  The documentary features reenactments of historical events and current day interviews with historians and experts.Be sure to tune in at 3:40 today for the full segment and to see who gives up their chair for Mike Rowe.  read more

My 90's Dreamgirls

My 90's Dreamgirls

09/18/12 10:29AM

So last week we had Molly Ringwald on the show. She's got a new novel out, which is great - and you should totally buy it, read it, and talk about it on your Facebook page. But naturally, it was a little hard to focus with my mind awash in a fog of childhood love. I mean... Claire Standish! Sam Baker! Andie Walsh! I was overcome with the urge to tell her I wasn't embarrassed to be seen with her, and then sit on a glass table top with a cake full of candles.  And it got me thinking about all of the other great loves of my life. The women (and girls) I loved before I was a man. read more

The old TODAY Twitter profile page, with the avatar to the far left, and a not-so-obvious photo stream.

Twitter announces new profile pages, iPad app

09/18/12 08:25AM

In an appearance Tuesday on TODAY, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed a new look for Twitter's profile pages. The fresh take won't just be seen on, either, but will be visible on mobile apps as well, including Twitter's all-new, totally rebuilt iPad app.What's the biggest change? There's now a huge header image that runs across the top, sort of like the banner image that Facebook users have on their timelines. The page itself has been reoriented to play up other visuals as well: Your avatar is no longer tucked in the corner, but will display front and center. read more

Romney: Comments from surreptitiously recorded video were 'not elegantly stated'

09/17/12 11:18PM

Mitt Romney has responded at length to the furor over his comments at a fundraiser about the 47 percent of Americans who pay no federal income tax and see themselves as "victims." "My job is not to worry about those people," Romney said in the video.The comments were "not elegantly stated," and were spoken "off the cuff," Romney acknowledged Monday night in a hastily convened press availability with reporters. read more

Steve Kornacki's latest How Obama stole the GOP's issue

09/17/12 09:06AM

The glee from Democrats, frustration from Republicans, and amazement from commentators has been easy to detect as the extent of President Obama’s advantage on foreign policy and national security has become clear.There is obvious volatility to the unfolding events in the Middle East, and the possibility exists that developments in the coming days might somehow prompt voters to reconsider Obama’s leadership. But for now, Mitt Romney is gaining no traction from his effort to portray the unrest as an indictment of American policy under Obama –and may actually be hurting himself. read more

Op ed: Big Brother to Spare Your Big Gulp

Op ed: Big Brother to Spare Your Big Gulp

09/17/12 09:00AM

While the eruption of anti-American violence in the Middle East generated the majority of headlines last week, New York City had its own breaking news story.  Thanks to a vote by the city’s Board of Health, the Big Apple became first in the country to ban restaurants, concession stands, and cafeterias from selling any more than 16 ounces of soda at a time.  The ban also includes other sugary or high-calorie drinks.As a New Yorker, I’m extremely proud that my city is a national leader on a variety of public health initiatives including banning smoking in restaurants and bars, outlawing the use read more

Photo Finish: Historical Reflections

Photo Finish: Historical Reflections

09/15/12 05:31PM

In remembrance of 9/11 and the current situation amounting in the Middle East I have been contemplating which direction I should focus this week’s post. Every first writing attempt this week just led me right back to where I had begun and then thankfully, all things came together in the most serendipitous of ways. Recently, I came across the Canadian-American tv miniseries chronicling the lives of the Kennedy family and have been completely taken with all the history and drama which only the name Kennedy could evoke. read more

Unrest in the Middle East Continues

09/14/12 05:00PM

Protests have spread to more than 17 countries across the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Asia. Since today, Friday, is the Muslim day of prayer most of the protestors are off from work and have been in the streets burning American flags and rioting since prayers ended. In Egypt, President Morsi asked Muslims to protect all foreign embassies and ordered concrete barriers to be returned outside the U.S. Embassy but it was a little too late. The protestors in Lebanon torched a KFC. read more

Fed's Plan for QE3

09/14/12 04:34PM

With U.S. unemployment at 8.1% the Federal Reserve is taking a big step to try and get the rate even lower. The Fed will purchase mortgage bonds at a pace of $40 billion per month; this is what they are calling the QE3. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke also wants to send interest rates even lower than their current historic lows. This is now the 3rd time the Fed has tried something like this. November 2008 QE1 began and was halted in June 2012. August 2010 was round 2 and we have now entered round 3 almost 2 years later from when QE2 began. So will this actually work? read more

The Cycle Lineup

09/14/12 01:00PM

With protest erupting in more countries today the Middle East region is in unrest. However, will the protests escalate to a more a volatile situation? We will continue to monitor the situation throughout our show as Morning Prayer comes to a close. Be sure to tweet us @thecyclemsnbc and let us know your thoughts on today’s show.  The Friday Protests continue throughout the Middle East region over the anti-Islam film that was produced in the United States. read more

Laura Bush hosting fundraiser

Laura Bush hosting fundraiser

09/14/12 11:24AM

Former First Lady Laura Bush is hosting a fundraising lunch at her home for Mitt and Ann Romney later today. The Republicans are hoping this lunch, along with a push from the Bush family, will help boost Romney’s numbers as we are only 53 days until election day.While the former President George W Bush and Laura have not been featured prominently throughout the campaign, Laura has stepped out to help fundraise for Mitt Romney. She appeared at an Oklahoma event with Ann Romney earlier this week. read more