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Believing in the search for Sasquatch

11/12/12 07:18PM

Today on The Cycle, we had Admiral Joe Sestak and Rob Cox from Reuters Breakingviews, both of whom I hold in the highest esteem—but they have one thing in common: they're not hunting Bigfoot. Bobo is. Now listen—color me an optimist, but I can't wait for Bobo Fay to find Bigfoot. Maybe you think he's crazy or delusional or slow. And if that makes you feel better, go ahead. It's easy to laugh and point and tweet insults... read more

FILE PHOTO: Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, D-N.Y., is seen in this 1971 file photo. Chisholm was the first black woman elected to Congress and an outspoken advocate for women and minorities during seven terms in the House. (AP File Photo)

One woman took the presidency beyond white men

11/12/12 03:18PM

This week I've been thinking about Shirley Chisholm, the first black person to run in a major party for the presidency. She was a Democratic congresswoman from Brooklyn who ran in 1972 and even though she knew she didn't have a shot to become the nominee she knew just running was a victory. "My candidacy," she said, "is not to be regarded as a candidacy where I can win the presidency at this moment, but a candidacy that is paving the way." read more

White House Debt Meeting

Today on The Cycle: Battling the Fiscal Cliff

11/12/12 07:10AM

Tuesday marks the beginning the of the lame duck congress, where voters are promised  a conciliatory post-election tone. Congress has laid out two objectives: prevent the full blow of the fiscal cliff and then begin to tackle our nation’s debt, which is now more than $16 trillion. However, while many people are saying that Congress has a month and a half before the end of the year, in reality they have only 16 working days on the Congressional calendar before the end of the year. That’s no a lot of time for a government that takes an increasingly long time to get anything done. read more

Gen. David Petraeus resigns as Director of...

Gen. David Petraeus resigns as Director of CIA

11/09/12 07:00PM

The Cycle hosts, joined by Republican strategist Susan DelPercio, talk to NBC's Andrea Mitchell, Kristen Welker of NBC News, NBC News' Col. Jack Jacobs, and NBC's Chuck Todd about the resignation of CIA Director, Gen. David Petraeus. watch

View of Democracy Plaza From The Cycle Window

My night with Krystal Ball

11/09/12 02:41PM

Tuesday night, as the world watched the election results from home, Krystal Ball and I hung out together for nearly 10 hours. She'd been asked to contribute to msnbc's coverage, and I'd been asked to contribute to her contributions. Translation: we were on call from 9AM (when we got in for The Cycle) to 3AM (when we finally left). read more

President Barack Obama, accompanied by first last Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha arrive at the election night party at McCormick Place, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012, in Chicago, to proclaim victory in the presidential election. (AP Photo...

The people have spoken: They want health care

11/09/12 10:48AM

In an interview with ABC news on Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner uttered something surprising. When asked if his party would continue working to repeal health care reform. His response was simple: “It’s pretty clear that the president was reelected. Obamacare is the law of the land.” read more


The 'shadow side' of the Police

11/08/12 06:14PM

The Police were one of the iconic bands of the 1970s and 80s. Songs like “Roxanne,” “Don’t Stand So Close to Me,” and “Every Breath You Take” still resonate today.  But guitarist Andy Summers tells The Cycle that being a rock star isn’t all "shine.” read more

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The Myth of the 'Fiscal Cliff'

11/08/12 05:22PM

I know it has a catchy ring to it, and I've used it myself, and I know I’ll probably use it again, but I really don't like term "fiscal cliff." It's misleading. The idea, which you've already heard hundreds of times this year, is that the country will face a sudden, traumatic crisis on January 1, unless Democrats and Republicans in Washington come together and strike some kind of grand bargain on taxes, spending and the deficit. That's not a good way to understand what we're facing. The reality is that the "cliff" is really more of a slope. A gradual slope. It works like this: read more