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E.g., 10/25/2014
Lee Atwater, Pres. George Bush's campaign manager, is seen, Oct. 1988.  (AP Photo)

Toure: The waning power of Lee Atwater's racial code

11/19/12 05:13PM

In the GOP's current civil war, there's much talk of how to improve outreach to Latinos and how immigration policy should change--but little discussion of the roots of the problem, like an alcoholic who vows to avoid bars but never confronts the reasons for his addiction. The GOP's 2012 campaign message was relentlessly hostile toward Latinos and African-Americans and at President Obama himself, which people of color couldn't help reading as directed at them, too. read more


Today on The Cycle: Middle East Unrest

11/19/12 11:32AM

Warning sirens are sounding throughout Southern Israel in day six of what is being called “Operation Pillar of Defense". Since Wednesday more than 800 rounds have been fired at Israel from Gaza and many of these rounds have been intercepted by Israel’s “iron dome” defense system. Currently, more than a 100 Palestines have been killed as Israeli air attacks have struck targets throughout the past six days. read more


Today on The Cycle: What Obama could learn from Thomas Jefferson

11/19/12 08:15AM

Jon Meacham joins the Cyclists during today’s guest spot to discuss his book Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power. His book is a biography on one of America’s most overexposed, yet elusive and least understood presidents. Jon Meacham compares Jefferson to Obama to where they are both tall, cool, cerebral presidents who affects an air of distance from politics, yet, is actually quite skilled at vote-getting. read more


Will climate change be a political priority? The outlook is cloudy

11/15/12 09:52PM

While Hurricane Sandy (and Mayor Bloomberg’s subsequent endorsement of the president) put climate change on the country’s political radar, it didn’t stay there for long. President Obama has said that he wants to “lead a national conversation on the issue” in the next four years, but as S.E. Cupp points out, the president has more than enough on his plate already. So if not now, when? Even Krystal Ball, a self-described optimist, isn't feeling confident about when we’re going to see political action on the climate issue. read more