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06/29/12 02:56PM

President Obama will speak again today, but this time not about healthcare. Rather, the president will spend his afternoon traveling in Colorado, taking in the impact of the state’s most destructive fire yet and thanking responders.The Waldo Canyon fire began on June 23 and has burned through 18,000 acres of land to the north and west of Colorado Springs and destroyed 340 homes. The fire killed one person, left two missing and dozens unaccounted for.The Cycle will have NBC News Reporter Jinah Kim on to give an update live from Colorado Springs.Be sure to tune in at 3pm for a full update read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: Obama's odds just improved

06/29/12 10:38AM

As important as yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling was to the future of healthcare policy in the United States, it probably won’t have much, if any, impact on the November election.Each side can make a decent case for why the verdict is a political winner (Republicans: Now the only recourse for voters who want to get rid of the law is to vote for Romney; Democrats: It’s a high-profile validation of the law that will lessen the fears of swing voters), so it probably won’t lead to a big boost for either candidate. read more

Sandra Fluke: The fight for Obamacare isn't over yet

06/29/12 08:44AM

COMMENTARYLast February I testified before Congress about the need for access to affordable preventative health care for women, specifically contraceptive coverage. I told the stories of the women in my life who need contraception for medical reasons, as well as to prevent pregnancy. read more

Student debt rises

Student debt rises

06/28/12 08:00PM

Congress recently passed a bill that keeps student loan interest rates at 3.4 percent, instead of doubling. Aaron Smith of the Young Invincibles and Jamai... watch

Per S.E

06/28/12 05:40PM

There's no way to spin it: Today was a decisive political win for President Obama. But it was also a significant loss for the American people. The Affordable Care Act is still flawed policy and an expensive overreach. That's not my opinion, but yours -- this piece of legislation, regardless of the Supreme Court's imprimatur, is still wildly unpopular with the American electorate. According to a WaPo/ABC news poll, as few as 26% of Americans wanted the bill upheld in its entirety as it was today by the Supreme Court, while 42% wanted the entire law thrown out. read more

Effects of Twitter

06/28/12 04:34PM

Per usual when a political decision is announced the social media world goes crazy. Today was no different. After the Supreme Court upheld the health care law the twitter universe up in arms with comments. Some of the trending words for today were: #HCmsnbc#ObamaCare#Healthcare#SCOTUS#Medicaid#SupremeCourt#Constitution  msnbc was no different. Using the #HCmsnbc we received some very interesting tweets. See below for a few and check back on for more information on this decision. @ehronpratt This decision proves that ‪#SCOTUS does not get into partisan politics. read more

Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid Expansion

06/28/12 04:19PM

While the main topic of conversation today was the Supreme Court decision about health care, they also upheld the Law’s Medicaid expansion. The ruling was that the law can withhold some but not all Medicaid funds if the state does not agree to the expansion.Former Medicaid Boss Dr. Donald Berwick joined the team to discuss, in his opinion, what this means for Medicaid. Check out what he had to say:    read more



06/28/12 04:16PM

The Supreme Court has made its decision! ObamaCare will stay on the books, but not in the exact way it was originally written.Over the course of the next five months President Obama and Mitt Romney will be battling out the Supreme Court Health Care Decision which broke down as follows:  During today’s show we talked to our supreme team!  NBC News Justice Correspondent Pete Williams and Huffington Post’s Mike Sacks. Here is what they had to say: What is your opinion on today’s decision?  read more

Steve Kornacki latest article: Fast and Furious: Failed scandal

06/28/12 11:38AM

Sometime today, while the media and political worlds are totally and completely absorbed in the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling, the United States House of Representatives will vote to hold the Attorney General in contempt. On any other day, this would be a seismic political event, the first time in American history that a Cabinet member has faced such a rebuke. But today, it will essentially be a footnote.To read the full article click here read more

Supreme Court upholds Obama's health care law

Supreme Court upholds Obama's health care law

06/28/12 10:14AM

The Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable care Act—the most significant domestic policy accomplishment of President Obama's tenure—by a vote of 5-4.Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg, and Breyer voted to uphold the health care law's individual mandate as a tax, requiring almost all Americans to buy health insurance. read more