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E.g., 7/24/2014

Touré TV: Health Care Ruling

07/03/12 09:20AM

Many Americans say they're unhappy about the Health Care Law but the popularity of the law is something of a red herring. Sometimes government must lead. Sometimes government must demand people accept change they are not yet ready for. Those are the moments when leaders with vision can change society and create the crescendos of history. In freeing the slaves, desegregating schools, enacting Title IX, and legalizing gay marriage government led America into a new world much of the country wasn't ready for. But in time we adjusted. And this too shall pass. read more

Courting activism

Courting activism

07/02/12 08:00PM

Josh Keating, associate editor of Foreign Policy, talks about the world’s most “meddlesome” Supreme Court who are making or affecting public policy. watch

The Doctor Is In...

07/02/12 04:55PM

by Nicholas TuthsWho’s more in need of 3 minute therapy sessions than a cable news producer on a new show with 4 hosts?As soon as I heard we were having Dan Bucatinsky (co-creator and executive producer of “Web Therapy”) on The Cycle, I went back and plowed through a couple of my favorite episodes… Lisa Kudrow’s aggressive run-in with Courtney, Cox, Sibling Ribaldry, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing Kudrow’s sister and completely losing it.The character is brilliant – Fiona Wallace (Kudrow) is giving 3 minute therapy sessions to people over the internet as a business venture – and cutting out t read more



07/02/12 04:51PM

 It’s July 4th week which means both the House and the Senate are in recess. But last week both bodies of government surprisingly got some work down. So, why is it that the lawmakers can only work together when they are on their way out of town? In the sake of the 4th of July patriotic spirit it is time for us to focus on the positive reform rather than partisan rhetoric.Today we spoke with Former U.S. read more

Today's Guest Spot:

Today's Guest Spot:

07/02/12 12:22PM

For the full conversation tune in at 3pm et today as The Cycle team talks to Rajiv Chandresekaran.Below please find an excerpt from his book.  PART ONEGrand DreamsAn Enchanting TimePAUL JONES ARRIVED in a Chevy pickup, billowing dust clouds in his wake as he crossed the desolate desert. The khaki-clad engineer had set out from his base soon after first light to observe a massive construction project aimed at transforming the long- neglected valley along Afghanistan’s Helmand River into a modern society. read more

Luke Russert Gets His Own The Cycle Name

Luke Russert Gets His Own The Cycle Name

07/02/12 11:09AM

On last Wednesday’s show, Luke Russert announced that he would like his own Power Ranger name and be part of The Cycle team. As many of you know, every member of The Cycle team has his or her own color and name every time they lead a segment: PER S.E; TOURE TV, KRYSTAL CLEAR, and STEVE SPEAK. So Luke, today your prayers have been answered and we are knighting you with your own The Cycle name.Here are the top 7 choices so far  Be sure to tune in at 3pm et to find out what name the team has chosen for Luke and don't forget to tweet us your thoughts @thecyclemsnbc  read more

Steve Kornacki's latest article: The "I won't implement ObamaCare!" pledge

07/02/12 10:03AM

Numerous Republican governors are either toying with opting out of the Medicaid expansion component of the Affordable Care Act or flatly declaring they won’t take part.Over the weekend, Florida’s Rick Scott seemed to place himself in the latter category, saying through a spokesman that his state “is not going to implement Obamacare. Bobby Jindal did the same a few days earlier, ruling out taking any steps to implement the law before the November election. read more

An American beech tree lies on Capitol Hill grounds in Washington, D.C., Saturday, June 30, in front of the U.S. Supreme Court after a powerful storm swept across the region late Friday. Violent storms moved across the eastern U.S., killing at least...

Summer storm hits Washington, D.C., surrounding area

07/02/12 09:25AM

A summer storm hit the mid-Atlantic region over the weekend, knocking over trees and knocking out power for many in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding areas. Hundreds of thousands in the region remained without power Monday morning following the devastating thunderstorms that arrived Friday.  read more