The Minneapolis skyline rises in the background, Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013.
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35 candidates later who will be the next Minneapolis mayor?


Talk about a crowded candidate field.

Voters in Minneapolis are set to face a whopping ballot list this Election Day: 35 candidates are running for mayor Tuesday, the largest group of candidates in the city’s history.

Minnesota’s largest city has a voting system that replaces a traditional primary election with a ranked choice voting process. Voters pick their top three candidates, ranking them in preference of first, second, and third.

Current Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak did not to seek a third term, nor did he choose to endorse any candidate. On top of that, Minnesota has only a $20 filing fee to run for office, opening the flood gates for the mayoral hopefuls. Here’s the rundown on the 35 candidates:

Mark V. Anderson

The 57-year-old is a corporate tax accountant and CPA. He is running on a platform to “simplify the government, end corporate welfare, stop expensive city ‘investments’ and bring transparency to the city government.”

Merrill Anderson

Born in Minneapolis, Anderson’s top three priorities are education, jobs and justice.

Mark Andrew

A member of the Democratic-Farmer Lobby party and a former Hennepin County commissioner, Andrew wants to make Minneapolis green, “ensure the city’s children are trained for tomorrow’s jobs.”

Neal Baxter
Running as an Independent, Baxter is a member of several government-related city committees.

Troy Benjegerdes
Running as “Mayor Troy” he is running on the local food, local energy and local currency platform.

Alicia K. Bennett
Bennett is openly gay and is running “to declare a real war on poverty.”

Edmund Bernard Bruyere,
Dr. Bruyete served as a Military Police Offer in the Army, has a Ph.d in Development Psychology, and is running to fight for the rights of kids and families.

Bob “Again” Carney, Jr
Bob Carney, Jr. is demanding a “transit revolution!”

Jackie Cherryhomes
Cherryhomes served as a city council member for 12 years and as council president for eight years she led Minneapolis through the housing and economic boom.

Christopher Clark
Clark is running as part of the Libertarian Committee.  

Dan Cohen
The Independent candidate is a former city council president, planning commissioner and charter commissioner. He is running to bring change to Minneapolis.

James Everett
Running as a member of the Green Party and wants his voice to be heard!

Bob Fine
Running with the slogan: “FINEst choice for Minneapolis” the four-term Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board commissioner is the only candidate for mayor who has been elected citywide, as one of three at-large members of the Park Board.

Cyd Gorman
Gorman is running on the stance of police reform.

Mike Gould
Mike Gould is the self-proclaimed “Mayor of Minneapolis.” With a following in Rice Park, Gould hands out $1 bills to anyone who asks because “that’s what government is about,” he says. “Government is about helping people. I feel as long as I’m doing the mayor’s job, then I am the mayor.”

Kurtis W. Hanna
Pirate Party candidate Hanna’s platform is focused on “changing the marijuana laws and saving the city money.”

John Leslie Hartwig
The retired Independent candidate believes that for every dollar we spend we need to save three dollars in order to build “a war chest of funds” that can help repair our water and sewer systems. “Sorry folks, the party’s over. No more stadiums, no more light rail. It’s time to move on.”

Betsy Hodges
Hodges is a member of the Minneapolis City Council and chair of the Budget/Ways and Means Committee.

Gregg A. Iverson
A member of the Democratic Farmer Labor, Iverson is pro-environment, pro-capital punishment, pro-choice, and pro-gay marriage.

Bill Kahn
Running as part of the Last Minneapolis Mayor Party the unemployed cabdriver wants to eliminate the mayor’s office.  

Jaymie Kelly
Part of the Stop Foreclosures Now principle, the retired U.S. Postal Clerk is currently facing eviction from her home and wants to raise the minimum wage.

Tony Lane
The Socialist Workers Party candidate is a factory worker and believes “working people need to come together as a class to fight for a massive public works program and raise the minimum wage.”

Doug Mann
The Green Party candidate is a licensed practical nurse and wants to close racial gaps in access to education, employment and housing. 

Abdul M. Rahaman, “The Rock”
The “We the People” candidate wants to make sure that the civil servants that are working with the city uphold the Constitution. 

Joshua Rea
The independent candidate wants to end homeslessness. 

Don Samuels
The Minneapolis City Council member wants to focus on “growing the city’s population and building a strong economic foundation.” 

Ole Savior
The Republican artist, author and poet wants to focus on stopping crime. 

Captain Jack Sparrow
The Editor of and Occupy is retired and wants to eliminate poverty in Minneapolis. 

James “Jimmy” L. Stroud, Jr.
He is running as “the people’s choice.”

Jeffrey Alan Wagner
The baggage handler at MSP airport wants to “wake Minneapolis to the reality that they are not living the dream.” 

John Charles Wilson
The Independent contractor in market research is a member of the Lauraist Communist principal. 

Cam Winton
Winton is running as the “Independent Responsible Inclusive” candidate. 

Stephanie Woodruff
Woodruff wants to establish “sustainable growth for our city and lead with an open and transparent government.”

Rahn V. Workcuff
The self-employed candidate would like to “bring in businesses to make mini tape recorders, polaroid films and re-open a vocational tech school.”

Christopher Robin Zimmerman
The libertarian technical writer wants to spearhead an initiative to make Minneapolis “the most open, transparent municipal government in the world. “

35 candidates later who will be the next Minneapolis mayor?