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What’s next for Obamacare?


President Obama once again advertised the benefits of Obamacare this week in a speech on Thursday.

The health care law, which has faced Republican opposition, was once again put to a vote Wednesday when the House held its 38th vote to try to roll back–or completely eliminate–Obamacare. This time, it attempted to delay the timeline for when all Americans must seek health insurance. While it passed along partisan lines, it is dead on arrival in the Senate. The vote followed the administration’s decision to delay the requirement that employers with 50 employees provide health insurance to workers.

This opposition jives with polling that has constantly shown low public support for the law. According to an NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll only 37% think the Affordable Care Act is a good idea opposed to the 49% who see it as a bad idea.

So can Obamacare ever get popular?

“I think the answer is yes. Once it’s actually implemented,” The Washington Post’s Matt Miller said on The Cycle Thursday. Americans will get on board once they “realize that the government can play a constructive role in securing health security in a time of serious economic globalization…. Is it complicated? Yes! Can it work? Yes!”

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What's next for Obamacare?