The Ohio State Marching Band performs.
Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty

Watch: OSU Marching Band’s amazing halftime TV tribute


The Ohio State Marching Band is back and wowing fans with their choreographed routines.

To kick off the first 2014 home game at “The Shoe,” the OSU Marching Band dedicated their halftime show to TV shows, new and old, with a routine called “TV Land.” From “Batman” to “The Simpsons” to ‘Game of Thrones” the marching band was out in full force Saturday, making their  opening act a tough one to follow. They even did a “M.A.S.H” routing with a helicopter taking off and dropping a bomb on a block M, a dig at Michigan of course.

This was the marching bands first performance at a halftime show since the hazing scandal in July that led to the firing of the band director Jonathan Waters.

So far the OSU’s “TV Land” halftime show has over 178,000 hits on YouTube and counting. 



Watch: OSU Marching Band's amazing halftime TV tribute