This image released by Netflix shows Kevin Spacey in a scene from the Netflix original series, "House of Cards."
Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix/AP

Twitter pleads for a ‘House of Cards’ early release

Cabin fever is driving many Americans to beg for an early release of Netflix’s House of Cards.

From Wednesday to Thursday afternoon loyal fans, who were stranded at home due to the winter storm that plummeted the East Coast, took to Twitter, and even an internet petition , to plead with Netflix to bump up the release of Season 2, a day before its scheduled release.

Despite the outcry, Netflix refused to give in and popular show will be released Friday, to coincide with Valentine’s Day, as previously planned.

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While Netflix may not release the rating information for House of Cards, or any of their series, if the internet demand to watch the second season a day early is any indication the show is a hit!

Check out some of the social media buzz around House of Cards and let us know in the “comments” section if you will be binge watching the show Friday evening. 


Twitter pleads for a 'House of Cards' early release