Today on the Cycle: Dissecting the President’s news conference

President Barack Obama...
President Barack Obama...
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Throughout the past few days the Petraeus scandal has played out in all directions, and could now send more shock waves through the Obama Administration.  The scandal adds news hurdles for the president as he reshuffles his Cabinet for his second term in office.

First, there’s finding a permanent replacement for Petraeus.  He was expected to serve as CIA director well into the president’s second term, but after 14 months he has resigned from the position.  Possible names in the running include counter terror adviser John Brennan or deputy CIA director Michael Morell.  The shake-up has many speculating that Defense chief Leon Panetta won’t step down as soon as it was originally rumored he would in order to keep some stability.  But when he does go, Sen. John Kerry, a Vietnam veteran, could be in the running the replace him.  For months, many thought Kerry would be the next Secretary of State but now there’s reports the White House wants US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice at the state department.  Also caught up in the Petraeus scandal is General John Allen, the man who succeeded Petraeus in Afghanistan and was on track to becoming NATO supreme allied commander.  His Senate confirmation for that role is now on hold.

Let’s not forget the fiscal cliff mess that the president now faces. With the impeding fiscal cliff deadline looming over Washington’s head President Obama has been holding meetings at the White House all week trying to find a resolution. On Tuesday the president met with labor leaders, today he is meeting with business leaders, and Friday he has invited Congressional leaders from both sides to come to the White House to discuss a possible compromise for the Fiscal Cliff.

For the first time since President Obama has been re-elected he will be holding a live press conference at 1:30 p.m. So will President Obama answer questions about  the scandal, his upcoming cabinet, and the fiscal cliff? Politico came out with an article where they have addressed possible questions that could await the president. But we want to hear what you think in the comments section below or tweet us @thecyclemsnbc.

We will have full post-press conference analysis at 3 p.m. with NBC News White House Reporter Mike Viqueira And Governor Ed Rendell.