Thursday’s Google Doodle Honors Debussy


Need a quick escape from your mundane work day? Head over to Google’s home page and play Thursday’s Google Doodle honoring late composer Claude Debussy.

Click the red balloon play button see a beautifully illustrated night scene of Paris animated to Debussy’s most well known composition, Clare de Lune (French for “moonlight”).

The dark skyline is accented with flickering yellow lights from lamps and houses while a lovely animated scene plays out along the Seine with each movement perfectly synced to the tempo of Clare de Lune. 

Debussy’s most famous composition may be Clare de Lune but during his life he blessed the world with many beautiful pieces worth taking note of. Below we have provided a playlist dedicated to the man who inspired Thursday’s creative Doodle.

[spotify id=”spotify:user:oshtre:playlist:4yqh8on7aY7AofPIYc7mok” width=”300” height=”380” /]

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Thursday's Google Doodle Honors Debussy