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The Voting Rights Act hearings come to Capitol Hill


Important hearings are taking place on Capitol Hill this week.

Wednesday, Senate Democrats are holding their first hearing on renewing the Voting Rights Act and on Thursday Republicans in the House will hold their own hearing.

The GOP controlled House hasn’t been able to come to agreements on issues like student loans and immigration, how will anything be agreed upon when it comes to the Voting Rights Act?

“My advice to Democrats if people like James Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin and maybe even Eric Cantor from Virginia are willing to operate in good faith and help forge ahead with bi-partisian legislation. Go for it, work with them,” said Adam Green, co-founder of The Progressive Change Committe, on Tuesday’s show. “But, Democrats need to be very skeptical. They need to be willing to fight and they cant repeat the eras of the past which was allowing the elusive prospect of bi-partisanship to delay full public engagement.”