The political world through Ella’s eyes


A recent Gallup poll shows that Congress’ approval sits at a historic low of 14% approval, with 81% of those polled disapproving. The summer is also a tough time for President Obama,  who has had his favorability ratings drop to 45%, the lowest it has ever been.

But, despite the numbers, Political Playground star, Ella, has a high opinion of President Obama. “He’s nice to people and he helps people and he is a nice man,” Ella told former Cyclist Steve Kornacki.

Be sure to check out the full episode of Political Playground where Ella also talks about Vice President Biden. “He is just a little bit silly,” Ella says. Steve Kornacki couldn’t agree more. “Silly people are probably nice people, generally” Steve says. Then in typical Steve fashion, he throws Ella curve ball to try and teach her a life lesson, “although on the inside clowns are the saddest people.” 

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The political world through Ella's eyes