The Kid President has a Thanksgiving message for you!

With various holiday seasons upon us, it is time for us all to reflect on our lives and give thanks for what we have.

Robby Novak, the famous Kid President, is back with a reminder to all that this year we should be grateful, “for people who give the world a reason to dance,” Novak said as part of his TIME for Thanks editorial. “We’re thankful for the kinds of people who not only believe the world can be better, but also work to make it happen,” Novak said. “Life can be tough and the world can be scary, but sometimes people can be awesome. It’s good to remember that. These people give the world reasons to dance.”

In July 2012 Robby Novak made his debut on the SoulPancake YouTube channel with one mission to give kids a voice in politics. “We’re doing this because we believe kids can change the world,” Novak’s website says.  Along with brother-in-law, Brad Montague, the pair has created a space within the social media world through their short videos that focus on political issues and the good that comes out of the world.

In his latest video, the ten-year-old commander in chief offers 20 Things We Should Say More Often as a reminder that what we say to one another does matter. The Kid President doesn’t just remind us of the typical niceties like please and thank you but he also points out how we can all be nicer to one another. “Number 18 here is a surprise corndog I bought for you because you are my friend,” Novak says. “There will be more corndogs and more happy people.”

His number one statement we should say more often: “Something nice. If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you are not thinking hard enough,” Novak says. 


The Kid President has a Thanksgiving message for you!