The Doctor Is In…


by Nicholas Tuths

Who’s more in need of 3 minute therapy sessions than a cable news producer on a new show with 4 hosts?

As soon as I heard we were having Dan Bucatinsky (co-creator and executive producer of “Web Therapy”) on The Cycle, I went back and plowed through a couple of my favorite episodes… Lisa Kudrow’s aggressive run-in with Courtney, Cox, Sibling Ribaldry, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing Kudrow’s sister and completely losing it.

The character is brilliant – Fiona Wallace (Kudrow) is giving 3 minute therapy sessions to people over the internet as a business venture – and cutting out the unimportant things, like feelings, personal history, and dialogue.

Dan Bucatinsky came on our show to tell us a little about the web-to-TV jump, Kudrow’s character… and even chimed in on the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes situation, and what “Fiona” would have to say about it. Look for the new season on Showtime, and go back and check out the old episodes as well, including the one she does from her “plane.” 


The Doctor Is In...