The Cycle’s new spin


Sometimes you’re just lucky.

As Americans, most of the stories, books, and music we hold dear - are based on nothing more than sheer chance.

In almost everything we create and experience,  there are characters strung together by a series of near-random events unfolding before them.  Often times, they’re at the mercy of the universe, a step here, a stumble there - and a path is set upon.

If Daisy just waits for Gatsby, if Peter Parker doesn’t take that wrestling match, if Ray Kinsella doesn’t trust the voice, if RZA, GZA, and ODB never meet Ghost, Rae and Meth, if Shep never makes that bet with Nutso…

I guess what I’m saying is: Maybe I’m here by chance, but it’s no accident I’m here. It’s no accident you found us.

So as we push forward with this new website - with more functionality, more content, and more ownership - I wanted to give you an idea of what you’re going to get from us. You’re going to get a look behind the curtain. We want to show you the conversations, the thoughts, and the efforts that go into making the product you see at 3pm Eastern Standard Time. We want to give you a glimpse of the people that put the show on the air, whose blood and sweat (OK, mostly sweat) go into bringing this show to life. That’s why you’ll see not only interviews and web-exclusives with our talent, but Op-Eds, stories, and photo essays from the people that make this show “work”.

Some of it will be topical, some of it won’t. Some of it will be funny, some of it will be serious. But all of it will be honest. We’ll try to drive content in the website, the way we drive content in the show. From the conversations you want to hear, to the opposing views you might not, to the kinds of stories, thoughts, and passions that have built the people, that build this program.

So wherever you find us we hope you will join the conversation in the comments section, on Twitter (@thecyclemsnbc), on Facebook (, or even on Instagram (thecyclemsnbc) and let us know what you think as we constantly try to improve our show and our website.


The Cycle's new spin